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How I reduced my hypertension to low/normal readings...... by success ..... Hypertension Alternatives Forum

Date:   9/1/2003 5:47:28 AM ( 18 years ago ago)
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Before 2000, for a good part of my life I was not aware that my kidneys were 'salt sensitive', so all those years upto 2000 I had suffered from high blood pressure, sometimes severe, like 157 systolic over 118 diastolic. I had bought a arm blood pressure monitor l5 years ago and although I checked my blood pressure when I felt it was necessary because of how bad I felt, I knew nothing about how the adverse effect of added salt was having on me. From that time after I started not buying any processed foods which as you know all have added salt in them, sometimes as many grams as the salt found in sea water. I started then cooking from scratch with plenty of vegetables, fruits, the result was that my blood immediately dropped to low/normal readings, varying from as low as 98 systolic over 57 diastolic, to a maximum of 118 systolic over 75 diastolic. Even when in its lowest reading I felt well and not tired. Also the water retention that used to build up in my tissues was something of the past, water retention is another effect added salt has on the body. I do not have anymore the severe cranial headaches of the past that throbbed and throbbed that I felt like my head would split. All foods from vegetables to even some fruits, meats,fish all have natural sodium in them that does not increase blood pressure. Unfortunately, the high blood pressure over those years did some damage to my heart muscle, which is sllightly thickened. That is one of damaging affects of hypertension on the heart..... If anyone wishes to try ommitting added salt in their diet, maybe this will help them in lowering their blood pressure, it did for me. I also found that wrist blood pressure monitors to be quite accurate in their measurements and more easier and comfortable to take readings.......

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