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will I ever get better? by #95813 ..... Ask Humaworm: Parasites

Date:   10/24/2008 9:39:37 PM ( 14 years ago ago)
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I feel quite desperate at times, you are such an expert and I hope you can review my case, and give me some advice?

My case; stopped menstruating years ago, food allergies for everything, celiac, weak immune system, always tired, mind fog, stomach cramps, constipation, rectal itching, bloating. Celiac Diagnosed, parastites too (fragilis), although after treatment with quite heavy poisonous medicine(reliable) test turned out negative. I still suspect I have them. However this would be very strange since i had a (celiac related) colonoscopy (big bowel) and doctor did not see anything strange. I also had a higher bowel cleanse without stuff coming out.
Using psyllium a year ago I exposed of some really long huge things, could be worms but also mucoid plaque with psyllium. Once had a course on antibiotics and felt GREAT,, unfortunately; got worse over time. I am a mystery for the doctors, everything seems fine, but it just is not.

Soooo I started Humaworm 2 weeks ago, Noticed strange sensations; like things 'pricking' everywhere in my body, moving through my body? headache could not sleep all night, BAD stomach cramps, toxic feeling, mood swings, sometimes feel quite well, most of the time exhausted. Did not notice any worms, but a lot of very small spots/seeds in stool (bacteria die off?) But.. I am also severely constipated now since a few days.Tried milk of magnesia but still, only very soft very tiny, thin pieces come out, nothing in comparison to what I eat. What should I do?

Although I am confident that your product is of great quality I frankly have little hope that my condition will be resolved with a (single) treatment of humaworm. What can increase my chances of success?

Thank you

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