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Re: But I WAS addressing the problem! by #97091 ..... Parasites Support Forum (Alt Med)

Date:   12/31/2002 2:23:48 AM ( 20 years ago ago)
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Thanks PTree!

I really don't think it is stress, however. While I do get worried about my health, I have been for three years but the weight gaining began only last February.

I remember it started specifically RIGHT after I went through this phase of being excited about tolerating nut butters again. (I know, I know, a fattening food, right?)

Well, at the time I had discovered a trick that would allow me to eat a lot of nut butter without gaining any of the weight! I would just not eat hardly any carbohydrates for awhile until I was really hungry for them (I was already on a low carb diet). Then when I was hungry, instead of loading up on veggies, I would just load up on nut butter instead and I wouldn't gain any of the weight!

I found that the more restrictive my carbs, the more fat I could eat without it even being absorbed. However, with each time that I did this "trick", it seemed that it got harder and harder to make the "trick" work. (????)

After a couple weeks, my body decided to gain ANY amount of fat that passed through my lips, no matter how few carbs were eaten. Since then, it doesn't even seem like my body USES any of the good fats I put in it.

Have any clue what happened to my system? Maybe eating those large quantities of nut butter was hard on my liver, so now it can't digest ANY fat? I get the strange "weight gaining" feeling only seconds or minutes after ingesting any food with fat in it. (and no, it is definitely not water retention. I get that too, sometimes and I can tell the difference.) People tell me it's in my head, but I can ASSURE you, something really odd is happening in my body, and the result is out of control weight gain. I feel uncomfortable all the time.

Thank you for even attempting to try to figure me out!
I just have this feeling it's a liver thing. Especially since I already KNOW my liver is messed up. (tested high liver enzymes, and I have been told by doctor my liver is fatty, also I get lots of liver pain --not to mention kidney.)


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