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Re: Parasite/bowel cleanse/eating coordination by James ..... Parasites Support Forum (Alt Med)

Date:   1/21/2003 11:08:31 PM ( 19 years ago ago)
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I've read the same things. The part that confused me is that The Master Cleanse was 10 days. As recommended, I started the parasite cleanse during that time. Found out that the parasite cleanse was a 35 day program. Meanwhile, it was recommended to me by PTree and others that P&B was a good thing to be doing along with the Master Cleanse. So, I did both. Of course, the empty stomach wasn't an issue - for 10 days the only thing that went in was lemonade, water and P&B. Easy to find an empty stomach. Then, when I was ready to eat again, I still had many days left on the parasite cleanse. PTree advised not to worry over coordinating parasite cleanse and Master Cleanse - I got the impression that she meant "just do 'em."

I've also read on curezone that one shouldn't do a parasite cleanse until the bowels are good and cleaned out. I've also read that a person could cleanse their bowels for months and months. I'm wondering when I know I've done enough bowel cleansing for awhile. My poop doesn't stink any more. But I don't go 3 times a day. So, am I cleansed or not?

I've about decided to just stop the P&B until I finish the parasite cleanse program - maybe do one P&B each night before bedtime. Then, I might start up some more P&B after I finish the parasite cleanse. Does this sound reasonable?

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