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thanx raider (nt) by jeanna ..... Parasites Support Forum (Alt Med)

Date:   2/24/2003 11:48:46 AM ( 18 years ago ago)
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\Syc"o*phant\, n. [L. sycophanta a slanderer, deceiver, parasite, Gr. ? a false accuser, false adviser, literally, to show off: cf. F. sycophante. To deceive or trick. The reason for the name is not certainly known. See Phenomenon.] 1. An informer; a talebearer. [Obs.] ``Accusing sycophants, of all men, did best sort to his nature.'' --Sir P. Sidney.

2. A base parasite; a mean or servile flatterer; especially, a flatterer of princes and great men.

A sycophant will everything admire: Each verse, each sentence, sets his soul on fire. --Dryden.


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