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Has Anyone had an Encounter with A Nature Spirit? by Boldyloxx ..... Spirituality Forum

Date:   11/20/2008 7:43:54 PM ( 13 years ago ago)
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Hi, I've been offline for many many months after an encounter I had with a Nature Being this past May 31st. I've been searching Barnes & Noble, and the internet for answers, and I've made some forums on the topic outside of Curezone.

As a member of the Ning forums, I met some Native American women who have met these beings as little children. One woman told me how she saw them as lights one night .. dancing in a ring in one of the fields near her home.

Being curious, and wanting to get to the bottom of this , I asked God if He would show me one of these Fairies.. if they existed. If He could confirm on His timing.

Well weeks passed after this prayer, then on Memorial Day weekend, my family got into a horrible fight.. which put alot of negativity in our home. That following morning I had off from work, and sat depressed, staring into my hair in the bathroom when I noticed a light brown , delicate face looking up at me through a section of my unbrushed hair!

She was beautiful, yet not human looking. I can describe her for you if you'd like. She had an innocence about her and a royalty as well. When she saw that I noticed her, she actually got a look on her face like, "ooh nooo, she sees me! I better dissapear!" ... it was like a shyness about her, not wanting to call attention to herself.

This entire encounter has really stirred me! I bought all the books on fairies that I could afford, but have not been too thrilled with some of these books. Most of them are very cutesy and the authors don't believe in fairies themselves. They just write the books as a sort of fantasy document for the "inner child" in us all needing fantasy in life.

Who I saw was no fantasy.. I've found alot of good websites with other people's encounters and have them all bookmarked.

I'd be interested to know if anyone has had any similar experiences.



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