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First drawing of Universe model. So important it may be hacked. Curezone "humanocide" blog! by abcseeker ..... Physics Forum

Date:   12/4/2008 5:20:00 AM ( 13 years ago ago)
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FREQUENCY WEAPON BEHIND AIDS AND EVERY MODERN DISEASE! These new theories are so important that the mind control system is busy hacking everything i do on internet including my new blog on curezone, check out " humanocide " on new blogs!!! Cant you find it with search tell Curezone!
AIDS is a vibration, frequency, speed difference disease or weapon. Energy is needed to vibrate/heat or to cool down. The New World Order mind control is killing people or harassing their path around the magic spot thus making their life quality less and making them solve it by adjusting one or more of the Universe model factors, some times neglecting the other factors and thus suffering unintended consequences. either starving their social life (body and mind external), or consuming food as reward (body internal) or thinking too much (mind internal) or little and thus reducing the activity of the brain and the need for energy to eliminate the vibrations/frequency…only draft and the Universe models BRAIN BODY below is about to change! link it, copy itand spread the word before they hack it!

Dec 4: I am busy understanding stuff, and figured out late yesterday that cancer is a nerve disease!!! Meaning it has to do with overstimulation of the nerve system. Again due to the secret frequency weapon charging your brain body, making the extra discharge damaging you. All these diseases are related to my Universe model. Spread any knowledge before they censor this!

PS. I figured out today that non conductive materials becomes conductive when activated by fex pressure that increases the "energy". Making electricity related to active energy as opposed to passive energy. Ex Sugar is non cond, alcohol is also non cond. but more dynamic and easily ignited. When ignited my theory is that both Sugar and alcohol becomes active/dynamic electrically conductive. This is important due to MY Universe models magic spot. the old combustion model operates with three components fuel + oxidizer + ignition = combustion or fire . This is a wrong model! It is only two real components at every level. 2 passive energies with enough difference will become nuclear ( formerly electric ) when one energy gets active/ dynaqmic due to increase in gravity or speed ( pressure or heat )... Folks i am about to change history tell everyone, copy and spread!!!


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