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Re: Bidet as an alternative to Colonics?? by #166822 ..... Bowel Cleanse Support Forum

Date:   1/9/2003 3:32:09 PM ( 19 years ago ago)
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In my humble opinion nothing works as well as a colonic. It flushes out the entire colon. If you feel nervous about having one try giving yourself an enema first. This will get you used to having a forein object inserted into the rectum and also get you used to the feeling of having water inserted into the colon. Remember to use lubricant on the appliance before insertion. Enema's, I find are a little more harsh than a colonic as you have to get up and expel on the toilet, whereas a colonic you can just lie there the whole time. Most people I know buy their own colonic machine so they can give themselves colonics in the privacey of their own home which also cuts down on the costs of going for colonics. A very portible, well constructed colonic machine can be found at this web site.
They have a small home machine called the colonet Model JR-4
I also own a unit myself and find them very good as they have a filtration system and UV Light system and also have a container for implants.Everything is quick connect and easy to set up.
I own one and I love it.
Also on the topic of flushing out friendly flora - It can only survive and thrive in the proper environment. A dirty or toxic laiden colon will not have a lot of friendly bacteria in it. A good liquid probiotic is Bio-K. There web site is Look them up and find out if there is a store near you that carries it and if not have your health food store order it for you. I know it is made in Canada and they do ship to California and Florida. They have a store locator on their site.
It is a live probiotic which is much more beneficial than a freeze dried one.
I've been taking it for 3 years now every day and you can also use it in an implant although orally it is throughout the entire digestive tract - mouth to rectum in about 1/2 hour so I prefer to take it that way as it's not as messy and no clean-up involved.
Hope this helps
Karen F

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