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Re: Does anyone have this problem?? by mamaj ..... Mirena, Skyla IUD Forum

Date:   12/20/2008 9:36:56 PM ( 13 years ago ago)
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that is some scary stuff you pulled. I love the fact that I am seeing research being done here. I think we can really help each other with it. I didn't see you mention eye pressure or sinus problem. are you having them? seems with cranial pressure, that would be prominant. (NOT that i have med expertise, just logic, and a brief glance through the article.)

I agree with you seeing the neurologist. Always rule all possibilities out. are they someone who is recommended to you? I would hate to see you go through bad docs all over again. My hubbies favorite phrase about dr's is "why do you think it is called a "practice"" lol- I think we have all been there.

That being said, before you get too scared, remember that soooo many of us think our symptoms are caused by something much worse than what is actually happening. How many of us thought we had ms???

Horomones are fixable-I think??? I am not saying it is or it isn't this condition, but just not to panic about it. (yes, easy for me to say, sorry...)

Seems to me the headache, vibrations, numbness and titanitus are very common symptoms of the hormonal imbalances. I have seen many posts where the symptoms associated with mirena return after what we would expect to be a normal amount of time. bottom line, we could be out of whack for a long time, unless we figure out the cause. Unfortunately, my supposition is that we all have different results from the same problem. (mirena)

I had the throbbing nerve. My shmucko ex-gp agreed to check into it with an ultrasound of my arteries (ONLY 'cause I was a total pest), and what I was told, (not by him of course, but the girl who did the test) which makes sense, is that I have (crap, I cant remember the phrase for it) essentially twisted veins in my neck, which comes with age. aka -I'm ok, but getting old. It actually went away, but REALLY freaked me out when it was happening. I also had very low grade headaches-never migranes (pretty much gone) numbness-still here 4 weeks post removal. Vibrations of my body are still around as well. (though come and go)

please keep us posted. If you would like me to help you pick through this information-so much-kinda overwhelming at a glance-so I didn't read too far into it, I would be happy to. -BEATS HOUSEWORK!

Peace to you! Mamaj

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