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Re: floters, hair like in EYE. could it be paracite by freshairsun ..... Parasites Support Forum (Alt Med)

Date:   1/30/2009 6:46:50 AM ( 14 years ago ago)
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Fellow persons do please be alerted and pay attention to this:

Human Hair Like Parasite, Beware! This hair like parasite can be transferred to you by your pet!

Need medical clinical trials begun on this hair like parasite which is quite a nuisance. I wouldn't be surprised if someone managed to wipe this message off because a prior similar message had a one-liner response that there was no such thing as a human hair like parasite and "case-closed" or "solved" was the supposedly correct "end of story" sort of response, hoping that the original person submitting the question for the forum would just disappear being satisfied with the negative feedback, or lack of a bona fide response.

It is quite a mystery to mankind to discover how to solve the puzzle and find a cure.

These pests seem to be here to stay, unless someone is bold enough to dare to discover a way of getting rid of the human hair like parasites.

The following is a picture taken courtesy of Cure Zone user name Mc James 3, thank you very much Mr. or Ms. Mc James.

Am not sure if Mc James found the same parasite as I did and whether it is indeed an image from a microscopic view of it shown flat on a slide.

If so, then, the long line diagonally going from almost top right hand corner to the middle left hand side might be a blown up view of its middle portion of the parasite's body.

The little "thing" near top center of the image might be one of its "babies" but I don't know what the circular thing with a hole is next to it. Maybe it's that "bubble"-like dot that you see glistening in the light that enables the hair like parasite to attach to something and stick to it?

I have a small manual microscope, and was wondering if the image above posted by Mc James 3 used low magnification.

This parasite shown above possibly is the same one, then, that you can plainly see with your own eyes; the human hair like parasite. I would like to communicate with McJames3 about where he got these images and if he took them himself and so on...

Does this human hair-like parasite molt, act like a worm, multiply asexually, have spores like a mold or fungus, like moist atmosphere, is it insensitive to extremely high boiling temperatures or low refrigerator temperatures such as even the coldest freezer, exist at the most extreme conditions, is it not affected by bleach, or by any other chemical known to man or disinfectant, is it not repelled by garlic or ginger or MSM or wormwood or black walnut extract or cloves since none of these seem to work? Would one be well advised to just improve their immune system get exposure to more sunshine and breathe more fresh air, get more exercise, start fasting and praying, ionizing the air in the room, eliminating dust mites and mold?

What about uprooting, moving out and getting all new clothes and leaving everything behind?

This is really a serious infestation and deserves more rigorous examination, clinical trials, experimentation with other herbal remedies.

The myth needs to be dispelled put out there by the conventional medical profession regarding their attempts at arbitrarily categorizing such a serious threat to humans by giving it a convenient label or name such as Morgellons disease which is a subterfuge.

What do they claim? That those suffering from this dangerous hair like parasite might be suffering from a mental illness they dubbed foolishly as Morgellons disease?

How foolish of them. Just because they like to treat symptoms with medications thinking that if a patient pops more pills, then they will be satisfied that they are being cured rather than eliminate the problem.

Hopefully one day holistic doctors will really eradicate this terrible hair like parasite but unfortunately the truth of the matter is that nobody to this day as far as I can tell has really acknowledged the existence of these hair like parasites.

There are millions of people suffering from it who are afraid they will be categorized as a sufferer of Morgellons disease and be lumped into the group of people seemingly in need of psychiatric care, for the doctors refuse to believe something that looks like a hair is actually a parasite, shame because all they need do is take more tests.

I first discovered these hair like parasites over thirty years ago while working in a bank when they still used microfiche slides and there was this hair on the slide that had a gullet like mouth and it scared me into silence because it reminded me of a bad case of pin worms that I had been suffering from as a small child that reproduced outside of the body. It seemed like when these pin worms exited, they were stabbing themselves in the middle while curling up with something at one of the tail ends of their long thin bodies and then these smaller baby worms of theirs would be able to wriggle free and come out of the centers of the parent's bodies.

Well, the hair like parasites molt in such a way, their offspring are transparent and tiny, just like the way the pin worms used to multiply, only the hair like parasites don't move as fast as the pin worms that wriggle and are easy to see with the naked eye.

The hair like parasites really just look like hairs and barely move much, sometimes they sway back and forth but you would think they just blow in the breeze or air current and you don't really see them move much voluntarily.

These hair like parasites are so slow to move, or maybe they move better when the stream of whatever liquid they're in just carries them along in its path, who knows?

These human hair like parasites are a big bother to mankind.

The trouble is that not only humans get these hair like parasites; they can be transferred to man from pets, such as dogs and cats.

Cats dying from them, might seem to have a "cold" coughing up hair balls, or runny noses and shivering and symptoms like feline pneumonia but if they sneeze on the human guardian of the pet, the human can get infected with this hair like parasite and transfer it to other humans and so on...

Once ingested inside the alimentary canal, they hide and come out in the back of the throat when someone begins to eat, and before you know it, they've spread and can be found in the ears, eyes, and any mucus like membranes and some of them even cling onto minute lymphatic secretions from lesions in the skin, they itch and you scratch, giving them more "food" from the fluids of your body.

If you rub your eyes, then they get even worse, and it looks like you have conjunctivitis, eyes getting redder and redder, eyelids swelling up and they cling to your eyelashes.

But please, do be very careful what you say, so you won't sound crazy, because the doctors are all puzzled and in general, the conventional medicine or accepted medical profession is completely stumped at this elusive hair like parasite which can morph and change colors, and they don't want the word to get out there, since it is an embarrassment to the medical profession that here is a parasite that is incurable.

Truth of the matter is that there is no such thing as an incurable disease given the right environment, mindset, belief and nutrients, the body is capable of healing itself.

Maybe one day there will be an effective method, perhaps using a newly discovered herbal remedy that will speed up the healing process, just as soon as someone starts taking this hair like parasite issue seriously and gets to the root of it!

Excuse the pun please! Normal human hairs on human scalps have roots. And, yes, speaking of normal hairs, sometimes these human hair like parasites can even be found hiding in the hair on the head or other hairy areas camouflaged by the hair or sticking to a shaft of real hair and making you lose hair, seems like fist full’s of hair are falling out when your scalp is itchy and you run your hand through your hair and it comes out with lots of tangled loose hairs and tiny broken off hairs in your palm. Then, what do you do with them, do they fall onto the floor, or get discarded into a wastebasket, or flushed down the toilet, or burned in a fire?

When you do finally see this human hair like parasite if you pluck it off from wherever it had stuck to your body, you might notice that there is a wet area looks like a tiny little bubble somewhere in the center of the parasite, from which it enables the hair like parasite to adhere to a surface.

The picture above was taken by someone else, but that is sort of like what I can imagine such a hair like parasite might look like when magnified, do you also think that this is so? Who else has pictures of their own to share of such a hair like parasite?

I wonder who else is interested in looking into this infestation of human hair like parasites?


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