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Re: Parasites Gone = Headaches Gone by godmadeusperfect ..... Headaches Forum

Date:   2/8/2009 11:49:57 AM ( 14 years ago ago)
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Hi, yes, I had tons of other symptoms. Fatigue, foggy thinking, depression, bloating, couldn't lose the last 10 pounds, waking up between 2 an 4am, chemically sensitive, carbs would give me a headache, throwing up after meals sometimes, adrenals were shot because parasites stole the B-12, thyroid weak, but those were all under the umbrella of migraines which lots of people get so I just thought I was one of the unlucky. I never thought I had parasites until I took 15 drops Miracle-Mineral-Supplement and I saw them all leave in a hurry.

I'm on Humaworm, sometimes Miracle-Mineral-Supplement drops, CoQ10, L-cysteine, garlic, chlorophyll, CellFood, Terramin Clay, Cod Liver Oil, Cayenne, Healthy Liver Tonic, Kelp (iodine), Laci LeBeau's Super Dieters Tea (It's the best senna tea), sometimes Master Cleanse beverage instead of a meal, and more for the fungus/candida/parasites.

Other supplements: Stem Enhance, Adrenal Xtra for the B12, Kombucha, Apple Cider Vinegar, Desacated Liver Tablets, Digestive Enzymes and more I can't remember right now.

I also do baths of epsom salt, hydrogen peroxide, and baking soda approximately one cup each. I also do ionic footbaths for metal toxicity. I also had my amalgam/mercury fillings removed by a biological dentist before I started this intense detox which I woke up the next day feeling much better becauset the battery had been removed from my head. parasites and candida love to bath in mercury.

It used to be that taking supplements would make headaches worse. Now my Adrenal Xtra which has like 7000% the daily value of B12 really helps me make it through the day.


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