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Re: A cure for warts please read!!!!!! Three things I did for a cure by skifun321 ..... Warts & HPV Forum

Date:   2/25/2009 3:48:37 AM ( 13 years ago ago)
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Thanks for your post. I had some additional theories at the time of reading about the banana method. About five years ago I developed warts on my hands. It started with three, but I continued to grow more and more, while none of these warts were healing away.
I could burn them mostly away with wart remover products, but they'd always come back and I couldn't do with the pain. I had three warts each destroying fingernails. I had clusters on multiple fingers. Only one pinky remained wartless during this time. Both of my hands had a couple palm side and on the back of the hand. All together I had more than thirty warts, and over a month and a half they all healed. Only some scars remain, and they seem to be fading fast.

Unfortunately, I wasn't very scientific about my methods. I simply tried a few things all at the same time in hopes that at least one method would work.

1) I followed lonestar's advice and started eating one or two bananas on a regular bases. I'd say I started this about two months before the warts started getting noticeably smaller.

2) I had been on antihistamines for three years straight (due to chronic hives) before I got my first warts. Most people who take antihistamines only take them seasonally. They say there's no real side effects but histamines are a part of your immune system. The main effect is a side effect all in itself. I decided to try dealing with the hives directly rather than patching them up with drugs. I ended up satisfied with the results.

3) The third part of my cure was all mental. A friend at work started questioning me on why I was always looking at my hands. I was embarrassed about my warts so I would then hide them from him. So he'd continue to ask about it whenever he saw me looking at my hands. This got me to realize that over a day I'd probably spend about 30 minutes looking at my hands and thinking about how hopeless and disgusting they were. Perhaps this kinda of thinking could be how they spread so much and never healed. I then made a conscious effort to catch myself looking at my hands and I'd tell myself "my hands are healthy" or "my hands are healing."

I believe that all of these methods contributed to what has been a miracle for me. For years I felt like I was cursed. I didn't want to shake hands with people. I'd always have my hands in my pockets to hide them. I avoided relationships during college. Months ago I wondered if I'd ever have normal hands again. I hope this is helpful to anyone with this problem.

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