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Please help me, I need guidance by #17189 ..... Astrology Forum

Date:   5/23/2004 12:33:27 PM ( 17 years ago ago)
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I am 28 yrs. old. I was born in Altoona, Pa on 03/11/1976 at 1:15 am. And for you who can help me based on an astrology answer I would like to give you my personal name in private becaue I know these messages get posted as websites....

I'm looking to find an answer. My concern details information I recieved in a dream. I dreamt that I met some men who moved across the street from me. When I walked over to them, I first started to talk to the one I felt attractive to at first yet, he told me that I was not to be with him, for I belonged to the other one who was there with him and when I looked at him... He looked so familiar. I saw every detail of the two men who moved in together, and even other details like - the tall one owned a white pick up and the other one owned a motorcycle. I even had future messages inside my dream as I stood there inside my dream - I got a message that I was going to leave my husband and then I had memories of this man and I riding, traveling, and experiencing many many wonderful times together. He even loved my children more than their own father did.

Then my dream ended.

A couple months later, two men moved across the street from me and they were the same men who I saw in my dream... The one who " I was suppose to be with" looks like the way he was in my dream and he even drives a motorcycle like the one he owned then... Anyway, this neighbor ( or guy I dreamt of ) has been playing flirting games with me. He stares and waits for me to come home when I come off work just so he can just so happen to turn on the light and walk into his kitchen just to say " Hey I see you.." Yet, we do not know each others names, or even spoken. The funny thing is... He has a girlfriend and I'm in an unhappy controlling and mentally abusive marriage. - whew- Not only that my inlaws treat me the same. The funny thing was when I first moved into my home. I wanted the building ( townhouse ) that was 3 doors over from me, but my husband decided that we were to wait another month and take this one because the money was not " right " for us to move in at the time. I was a little upset and I fought with him to move out of this one because it wasn't like the one that I wanted 3 doors down. Yet, the funny thing was when those men moved into the place across from me, I got the "aha" moment. I mean even before I had the dream and before those men moved in... 2 months prior I had a feeling that a special someone was coming and when I saw them... I felt relieved. I understood then. Why does this happen?

I sense this strong energy radiating from every part of my being that this man is my soul mate, yet I am fighting it because I am very aware of the sacredness of marriage- Wow! Yeah, I am unhappy and I want to move on from my marriage :( Yet, I have 3 children, I am 28 yrs. old, I work full-time, go to school full-time, and I am involving myself in with the "Reconnection" ! Wow, what am I to do? My energy is wearing to thin! I have always been gifted with empathy, intuition, healing, future events, etc. since the age of 3 or 4. What am I to do? Where do I begin? And how can I heal my inner soul from this battle? The more I try to fight the feeling and I try to ignore this person, my soul feels weaker, I feel more confuse, I feel really sad and anxious, and I cannot focus on daily life. Yet, the more I focus on him - the more complete I feel.

Is he my soul mate? Am I to be with him? What am I to do... I notice he is flirting with me at times, and I notice him staring at me from across the street, etc... He even waits until I come home from work just so he can get a glimpse of me... I know he is afraid to come over and talk and I feel this feeling he wants me to go over and speak to him. Yet, it is the guilt that keeps me from doing so and I am waiting for him to come and talk to me. I don't know is name and we didn't even exchange a "hi" and he's been living there for about 9 mos.

Shall I leave this alone? Will he think less of me if I did go over to speak to him and how do I it because I feel the only opportune moment would be for me to go over there and knock on his door because we rarely are outside at the same time.... Moreover, since my feelings have grown strong within the past 3 weeks my husband began staying up for me at night and leaving our lights on even after he falls asleep and he use to never do that... He would not even acknowledge that I came home. This sensation I feel about him is so strong and I feel his arrows. When I first saw him, I thought " Wow, this man is not the type I usually go for... He dresses too preppy "

How do I begin and where if I am to be with him. Please give me guidance. Please help me.

Please help me. Thank you !


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