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Re: Your probiotic experiences please! by Zapp ..... Candida & Dysbiosis Forum

Date:   4/12/2009 7:19:37 PM ( 13 years ago ago)
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I have been on this board for four years. I have read most of the messages posted during that period. I do not recall one message where the poster felt he or she was cured by probiotics alone.
Several people posted that they obtained a great deal of relief from candida symptoms when taking Saccharomyces Boulardii. Relief, but not a cure. Others have have reported relief from candida symptoms when eating "live" cultured vegetables. Once again, relief, not a cure.
I experimented with megadoses of patented, well researched "super" strains of probiotics. I had great hopes, but a cure remained elusive.

Based on my experiences, and observations reported by others, I would not bother with the "big name" probiotics sold widely on the web. Further, with the possible exception of Bacillus Coagulans, I would keep clear of soil based bacteria (SBOs). I don't believe that there is enough reseach to prove that SBOs actually eat candida in the human gut and they may have a downside.

A healthy person gets an infection, takes Antibiotics , and develops candida. Well, if this person catches the candida in time, it may be quite easy to shake it. But I believe that most people who suffer from long term candida have multiple health problems. So, there is no easy one-step cure.

If you stick to the candida diet, take an anti-fungal, and still have candida after one year, you very likely have additional problems. That was certainly true in my case.

First I found that I had copper poisoning from the acid water in my well. Ok, it took about a year, but I was able to reduce my copper levels. Finally, after a number of MDs, one diagnosed me as having low stomach acid. Low stomach acid will probably be the KEY to permanently clearing up my candida problem. Meanwhile, I deveoped adrenal fatigue as the result of years of candida. So, the MD prescibed some natural supplements for the adrenal fatigue. I also started skilled relaxation to lower my general stress leval.

Well, all of these actions taken together appear to be working. I am feeling better everday. I am not yet ready to declare myself "cured".

One again, still have candida after a year of honest, effective treatment? You very well may have additional problems. Additional problems most likely vary from person to person. Unfortunately, there appears to be no "one size fits all" cure for a truly entrenched case of candida.

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