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Re: Best way to take probiotic supplement? by Will_I_Ever_Learn ..... Probiotics, Bowel Flora, Dysbiosis

Date:   4/18/2009 12:59:03 AM ( 14 years ago ago)
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Hi Aurora411

from what I got from my favorite forum take the probiotics in the morning with skim milk.

But first flush acids from your system by drinking good water in the morning.

More info at //

say WIEL sent you.

Here are (I think) good advices.

Here some advices from moreless


Take the Probiotics with skim milk 1st thing in the morn after drinking a glass full of Clean water to flush out the excess Acids from the Digestive system !


When considering using a Probiotic, you should find one which contains "Both" Acidophilus and Bifidus !

And the reason for this , may be that these both provide Different Digestive Bacteria and Enzymes !

And the Greater the Different Probiotics may be included in it, may mean a Greater possibility that whatever you are choosing to eat, that it may provide the Correct Digestive Flora to handle the job !

Edit: And this may be "WHY" some people do "NOT" get Positive Results from using some forms of Probiotics, for they may "NOT" be supplying the needed Probiotics for the foods they are choosing to eat ! As Different Probiotics may Help Digest Different foods !


Hi needhelp__2007,

Your post: Thanks for your responses. Your help is really helping.

I will add buttermilk to my diet, I was trying to avoid it until the leaky part was taken care of. I do have an issue with probiotic. Whenever I take Primal Defence, it constipates me and I feel more congested and uncomfortable. Shall I try some other pro-biotic then?

Answer: If the Primal defence is giving you problems, then it may be that you may need to try something else ?

I have found that a probiotics from NOW products has worked very well and it does not cost near as much as Primal Defence !

It is called 8 Billion Acidophilus & Bifidus by NOW products !

Here is a link:


Hi Striveon,

Your question: Hi Moreless,

Very interesting post!! So should we always take a probiotic supplement everyday or just when we feel our digestion needs some help? In other words, if we are doing a good job of feeding our good bacteria on a daily basis then do you still recommend supplementing with a probiotic?

I know that you recommend first drinking some water to rid your body/stomach of acids and then take your probiotic with some skim milk to feed the good bacteria. And then after that to feed the good bacteria throughout the day we need BSM. Does raw honey also feed the good bacteria? How about raisons? What are other foods that will help feed the good guys?

Thanks Moreless :)


Answer: As long as we are eating correctly the foods that support the Good Bacteria , then these shall Live in our Digestive system and Multiply as needed for proper Digestion ! It is when we eat things like too much Protein or NPN or White Sugar s and other Junk foods that we may Kill off these Good Bacteria and Cause the need to re-populate our Digestive system with Good Bacteria again that we would need to take probiotics !

If we grow our own food in a garden and pick fresh to eat, then these Good bacteria will be on this food to provide us what we need for proper Digestion !

It is when we have been removed from the natural setting of Good foods to eat that we run into problems !

The BSM is very supportive of the Good Bacteria !

The bacteria will not grow on Top Quality Honey, but when the Honey is mixed with Live Carbons and other foods it may help then !

Raisins may be Good if they have Good Quality?

Most any Natural Top Quality foods are Good and supportive of the Good Digestive bacteria !

It is the Refined and Processed Junk foods and too much Protein and or NPN that are Bad !


Hi eric,

Probiotics by their very Nature may have a base of Lactobicillus bacteria in them, these may require milk sugars to live and grow properly !

As most of the reason for people having Digestion problems in the First place may be associated with the Different Milk Fats which have been Homogenized, which may be used in many foods as additives, which most people may not be aware that they are eating, then the use of skim milk may be the Best Solution, unless you may get Whole Raw Unpasterized milk to use !

"WHY" do you have a Fear of skim milk ?


Hi samantha,

Probiotics are for to Help Better the Digestive action in your Digestion system!

So, this may mean that you may want to take it before your drinks or meals or may we say in the begining of your meals!

Hi samantha,

You time it to when ever you can learn to fit it into your Life cycles of every Day, so that it becomes a regular step in your daily cycles !

Do "NOT" make Life so difficult to Live !

Learn to set up a pattern of comfort to follow, to accomplish what needs to be done!

For once your Digestive system is working properly, then this Good Digestive Flora will continue to live from meal to meal in your Digestive system,until you do something to Kill it off again !

It may be taken some time before the meal or anytime at the beginning for Best results!

But, starting out in the morn, it is Best to drink a glass full of water to flush out the excess acids from the stomach, so that these Friendly Digestive flora may survive !

This is neccessary the first thing in the morn, but not before each meal of the day latter on !

And I have found that by drinking a glass of skim milk along with the probotics works very well at providing them food to Live and multiply on !

Hi samantha,

You may find that "IF" you do not use any milk products which still have milk fats in them which have been Homogenized, like the skim milk with a Good probiotic, that you then may not have any problem from Dairy !

For it is the Homogenization of the milk Fats which may cause you all of your problems with it !

So, by using milk products which are from skim milk which does not have any milk fats in it, and using these with a Good Probiotic you may not experience the usual problems any more !

I have not had one single person who learned this and learned to take a Good Quality Probiotic along with the skim milk who was not then able to use Dairy products again without anymore problems!

CHEERS and Good Luck



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