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Re: Joint pain by ladylaceybug ..... Mirena, Skyla IUD Forum

Date:   4/19/2009 8:44:31 AM ( 12 years ago ago)
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I had the Merena put in June 2008. Looking back on it it makes sence.... about 3-4 wks after i started noticing knee pain. But ONLY my left knee. then like a switch was turned on (around 3 months) the back pain started. followed by shoulder pain, and hip pain. most all came from the left side. I went to a natural doctor. Said it couldn't be the iud. tried to re align me. started going to my family doctor (who i adore! and still do ;) cant blame him!) he notice lots of tension in my back and i went to him every week for 2 months to be re aligned. I would feel better the day of and after, then go back to normal. it threw us off cuz he gave me a muscle relaxent that helped for about a week then a was slowly tooken off of it and the pain came back. he drew blood. i came back negative for RA and Negative for Lupus but was showing something positive and very small on the lupus testing. So as not to screw things up he refered me to a RA specialist as they may understand these tests better. The specialist did more testing including MRI. Nothing. all the same. was put on 5 meds. doesn't make sence. Im showing negative for lupus but positive??? taking all these pills but still in constant pain??? I found this forum and happend across yours. i had asked all my docs if it could be the IUD. all said no. I had it removed 4/15/09!!! still some pain but i feel as i did on my pain meds (havn't tooken since 4/13/09) your story just sounded to much like mine. i hope you are finding help. if it has any help to you... Since i was little, i have showed positive for HLA B-27. have you ever been tested? its this thing in your blood that makes tests pop up wierd and likes to catch viruses... how it was explained to me. please let me know. i would like to hear from you..your story was very helpful to me.

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