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How I averted constipation and Insomia problems.(long) by rod ..... Enema & Colonics Support Forum

Date:   9/26/2004 7:35:35 AM ( 17 years ago ago)
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Hi all,

I have been so happy lately with my biggest discover. Results that since I started my cleaning campaigns 2 years ago I started to get more and more constipated and with more insomnia.... the more liver flushes, enemas, colonics, kidney cleanse, exercise, steam rooms, chelation, water increase, the more constipated and the more insomnia, on top of that I lost some weight periodically, if you see all the cleanse has something in common.... water waste. I was told that when ever you are losing water through all this cleaning you will have to put back potassium, sodium as they are excreted by the kidneys, but nobody told me that also **** MAGNESIUM ****, was also eliminated when you do " liver flushes, enemas, colonics, kidney cleanse, exercise, steam rooms, chealtion, water increase", I did my homework and I put potassium back, but never pay attention to "MAGNESIUM".
On TCM (traditional Chinese Medicine), constipation and Insomnia are Yin deficiency related, basically to body fluids problem, but just until now I deciphered the magnesium relation and the important part on your electrolytes balance, also on TCM they relate insomnia with heart problems as per they when your brain is not able to rest means that the chief organ (heart) is not able to pump properly. While Potassium and Calcium engage on heart contraction, "Magnesium" is as well as important as it engage on the relaxation phase.
My symptoms where low heart beat, low blood pressure, which contradicts low magnesium symptoms, however heart beat count is not that important to diagnose as it is how strong or weak is my pulse, actually I had in average only 50 to 52 heart beats per minute and normal is about 60 to 75, which means there was something missed there. After I started taking magnesium my heart beat increase to 60 or 62 heartbeats and this is due that my second part of my heart beat which is the relaxation part was missed..

When you lose water through any way, sweating, enemas, colonics, laxatives, diuretics is very important to put back magnesium as you might end up with a heart attack, but be very careful as Epson Salts (Magnesium) when on Liver Flush instead of filling you up with magnesium it depletes it as on diarrhea.
Actually if you don't have enough levels of magnesium on your body you will develop Gallstones, kidney stones, as magnesium and Calcium are antagonist and compete one with the other, basically magnesium helps calcium to be absorbed properly by your body and avert it to be stored on soft tissues or blood creating Arthritis problems or even strokes.

I have been taking magnesium for the last 4 days in doses of 300 mg a day (Magnesium Citrate), and my insomnia problem has decrease a lot and my constipation problem is gone, I have the most beautiful and well shaped BM(happy)....

The only problem is that if you have kidney failure or problems on your kidney be carefull with the magnesium intake,,,,

Pretty much if you don't have normal magnesium levels your nervous system and in general your whole body will be so tense and stressed out that your colon and every thing will be so tense and rigid like a rock, therefore your colon wont relax and let your normal BM transit to happen.

Best wishes



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