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Re: I agree with VespaChick by ways_of_wisdom ..... Parasites Support Forum (Alt Med)

Date:   6/11/2009 6:57:25 AM ( 14 years ago ago)
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Why abuse?  My reply was the compassionate one of someone who once "saw things" and recovered. I believe the rest of you would be doing this person a disfavor IF the story is true at all (please see below)...  And perhaps you didn't read his/her post very well.   He/she's admitting that besides already having insomnia he/she spent 3-4 nights without sleeping at all;  if you knew anything about the human brain you'd know that sleep deprivation can make one psychotic.

I drew those conclusions also from what he/she said about 1) her hair moving on its own and "molesting" him/her (!).  2)  He/she poked at her arms with tweezers for FOUR HOURS then took pics of the arms and showed them to others who were understandably alarmed.   3)  Showing up unannounced at 2 Dr.'s offices (!).   4)  5 appointments and no one else saw the fibers he/she "put" in the tupperware or piece of paper. 5)  Family travels 4,000 miles to take her to the ER... They left jobs and homes just to be mean or to help???

I just think that most responders DIDN'T pay attention to any of those details but in their desire to prove Morgellons is real (which it may be, I don't know or care) all you saw was the "fiber thing".  I don't know if in the heat of defending this person (or rather your beliefs...)  you may have noticed that he/she has not popped back here again, and if you bother to click on his/her profile you will see that was the only post, for all you know this was a TROLL that wanted to have some fun with the gullibility of others and is laughing his her a** right now at your expense.


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