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What do you reccomend to heal the body in the Event of Mandatory vaccination? by Boldyloxx ..... Ask Dr Mom: Ask Sandra K. Ellis M.H.

Date:   7/4/2009 7:22:52 PM ( 12 years ago ago)
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Hi Dr. Mom-- I am so thrilled to meet you here! I purchased your VCR tape collection on herbal healing from the Barefoot Herbalist over a year ago. I havnt been on the Curezone forums for awhile, but coming back am thrilled to see you have a forum!

My question is -- in the event our president enforces mandatory vaccination for this over-hyped swine flu the World Health Organization has declared a level 6 Pandemic already, what can a person do to detox and assist the body to recover from this vaccination assault?

I know that these vaccines have aluminum and mercury in them, as well as formaldehyde, to name just a few toxins. From what I understand, president Obama is planning on having everyone vaccinated with THREE vaccines at once--- one for the 'ordinary yearly influenza, and two for this swine flu.

Baxter Inc is already making them and they are making them extreemly quickly without testing them. Obama spent $300,000 Billion on them for the United States. When Bush was in office, he passed some bills that take away our rights to refuse a vaccine in the event of a "pandemic"

I am extreemly ticked off at this whole scenerio. I read a report where they said that "naturally there will be some expected human wastage" referring to the expected deaths caused by this vaccine.

I live with two elderly parents that are healthy right now-- but what can I do for them and myself if we are forced these stupid vaccines?

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