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Re: Reappearing gall bladder pain after flush. by Erasmus ..... Liver Flush Support Forum

Date:   7/6/2009 3:12:36 PM ( 13 years ago ago)
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Hi Telman,

I wanted to update you on my quest for pain free living.
I went to a surgeon to have another complaint looked at.
It was a bulge in my mid-abdomen when I did a sit-up. I was concerned it was a hernia of some sort. He said no it was a lax alba where the stomach muscles came together. There was no tear and surgery was unnecessary. But for my right side pain he said to have my internist do a Helobacter antibody test, a repeat gallbladder ultra sound and a repeat Hida scan.

The Helobacter test was negative; no bacteria in the stomach. The Hida scan was conducted with first a shot of CCK to empty the Gallbladder, then the radiolabelled dye to watch for uptake and a second shot of CCK to empty the Gallbladder. Normal empting is 35-50% or better. I had a lot of pain during the second shot of CCK but the emptying was 98% which is good beyond good especially since 2 years ago (10 herbs and 10 liver purges ago) it was 27%. So I guess one really can improve their gallbladder ejection fraction by doing purges combined with herbs to reduce the size of the gall stones. Funny thing is, my previous ultrasound did not show any stones. The latest Ultrasound did show a small polyp which was no bigger than 0.5 cm in any dimension. Those bigger than 1.0 cm are recommended for gallbladder removal surgery.

I'm not yet ready to get the surgery but I may just be stalling the inevitable. I still have pain that is not related to time after eating or amount of fat. There does seem to be some sort of distal pain down towards the appendix or the ascending colon on the right side and the ribs on the right side. I'm assuming that the gallbladder is otherwise free of debris but there is a Sphincter of Oddi problem because drinking Rhubarb tea seems to take the edge off the pain and it works by helping to open the SOD. Also I wonder if I have some sort of adhesions to the rib or the large intestine.

I don't have a good plan of action at the moment. I'm doing visceral massage and Bikram yoga to help the internal organs. I've stopped doing stone removal herbs like gold coin grass and stopped liver purges for the months of July and August. The pain is constant, bearable but annoying.

Bye for now,


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