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Re: Has anyone ever heard of a case of Leaky Gut being Cured? by LPN12345 ..... Body Odor Forum

Date:   7/19/2009 8:31:07 AM ( 13 years ago ago)
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Taking lots an lots of Probotics, leaky gut starts in the gut of the stomach , eating yogurt is not going to cure it fast enough as taking many many probotics likeLactobacillus acidolphillis  with Probotic Complex (that includes other cultures like bifidus which works on the large intestine, while lactobacillus works on the small intestine, double your dosage with your meals) also taking digestive enzymes,  people have gotten healed because this is what they are doing, we don't have time to  go back and constantly look up those testimonies you will have to stroll down in the forum (it may be tedious but you will find it) also taking an anti fungal to treat your Canidia like grape seed extract or what some of the others have tried in this forum, go back and see what they have done, and getting on that diet, all that is related to IBS and other stomach problems,(eliminate red meats and other meats for awhile  until you get it under control and sugar) high sulfeur foods like beans and dairy, listen to what the others are telling you. The Probotics will help heal your digestive flora, that is where your problem is.The doc are only going to tell you what they know unless you go to an herbalist in a health food store, and trust me they will tell you something similar,did you go to the website?
the guy tells his testimony about that too. taking grinded flaxseeds will help you for fiber and staying regular and of course PATIENCE  it's not going to happen over night.


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