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Re: Florastor/A Good Probotic by LPN12345 ..... Body Odor Forum

Date:   9/15/2009 2:23:24 PM ( 13 years ago ago)
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It's suppose to be the ingredients Saccaromyes Boulardii that is suppose to help. Now you don't have to take Floraster, they sell this ingredient alone. There is also Goldenseal,Bromalian, and other digestive enzymes that help heal a leaky Gut. If they take Florastor they should take it with a probiotic like primadolphilus or a regular probiotic, some have added these supplements.The guy in the ibs forum said he took Florastor with Primadolphilus,a multiple vitamin, and something else, I think he took a digestive enzyme. And if anyone gets healed from leaky Gut if you stop taking the products after just a few months and go back to eating like you were what is the point? People these days want a quick fix. They can learn from Mr. Hanky, he took Golden seal for 18 months to get rid of his fecal breath odor he was told to do this by his Nuropath, it is not going to happen overnite like they may want it too.

I've read a lot of their stories and many seemed to just take Florastor and a multiple vitamin, they don't take Goldenseal or anything, just the Florastor and a multiple vitamin , yes it is a probiotic but it is a probiotic that contains good yeast, it doesn't contain bifidus or anything. It's good for other stomach disorders and yeast infections and leaky gut. But. this is a different type of probiotic that can be taken with antibiotics, regular probiotics shouldn't really be taken with a regular probiotic.  And if you are looking to heal a Leaky Gut just 1  product that contains good yeast  and a  multiple vitamin may not be the answer .A multiple vitamin can help but common sense will tell those who have leaky Gut and have read up on  how to to cure it knows that just that may not do it since Leaky Gut  absorbs through the skin. They probanly  should just add it what they were taking to see if they notice any changes with it.


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