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I am a casualty of failure to do my own homework by #91565 ..... The Truth in Medicine

Date:   9/23/2009 8:05:37 AM ( 12 years ago ago)
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After suffering years of digestion / elimination issues along with the side effects thereof, I came to CZ. It was a relief to know that other people had suffered with the same problems. Too eager to jump on board, I tried the advice of several forums. Most were innocuous for the most part. My situation improved with simple diet and lifestyle changes, but still not optimal, and I was several thousand dollars lighter (between supplies, tinctures, herbs, etc.) I will preface this next portion by saying that because of these issues and an issue with polyps, I had regular colonoscopies and endoscopies. I began the alkaline drink concoction. After a few months of doing so, I became quite ill and suffered my very first bout of what appeared to be"colitis". After having to have a rush colonoscopy and endoscopy, it was revealed that I have lesions and bleeding in my stomach, my transverse and descending colon. I cannot say with any certainty that it was the alkaline drink that caused it, but it was the only thing that changed since my last round of tests. I chose not to post this (but did PM Hv for advice - which he answered - thank you Hv) because I cannot be certain and frankly, I just felt stupid. It was, after all, my own fault for blindly following anything. Live and learn - emphasis on live. In any event, I have the internal photos and reports to prove this and my doctor explains that it looks as though I have been drinking Drano. Boy did I get "tsk tsk'd" when I told him what I had been drinking. So, now I research, research. Never knew much about the sciences - always favored arts, but I am learning. I am also taking those few herbs per Hv's suggestions, after researching of course, and I am feeling much better, sans medication. I go for another endo/colon in three months. By the way, all biopsies were clear of cancers, etc.

As you can see, much of what Hv said could happen, did happen to me. And I have nobody to blame but myself :o(

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