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indigestion-candida-hypoglycemia-diabetes- by ruff magruff ..... Candida & Dysbiosis Forum

Date:   9/27/2009 1:49:33 PM ( 13 years ago ago)
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ive been wondering a while if gut fermentation-specifically the fermentation of starches into alcohol in the digestive tract is responsible for my plight, the plight of others, and specifically for inducing Sugar and starch metabolism disorders hypoglycemia, hyperglycemia, prediabetes, diabetes.

my father was an alcoholic, now he is an overweight Sugar addict. probably with candida.

i am sure i had gut fermentation for a while after coming down with some pathogen camping in wyoming (succeptable because of low stomach acid from anestesia from wisdom teeth removal(f***ing Uninformed Dentists)). i would get f***ed up off of honey on toast. turns out i had gluten allergy or celiac or something like that. i had had chronic fatigue since 3 years prior (probably gluten related(i also have 2 Amalgam fillings(FUD). now i just have some bizzare organisms in my digestive tract and a marked disability to eat a healthy diet. ive been treating candida for a while but i think either i have surmounted that or that is not my main problem-

any chance y'all can help me? im very confused on what to do now, as i have tried to treat candida; with fiber, antifungals, probiotics, detoxes, and now i have fairly good digestion, little bloating, and im pretty sure no more gut fermentation, but i just cant seem to avoid eating a diet high in sugar, that is i feel uneasy unless i do- and i just cant tolerate stress so i do what my body commands

my status and symptoms now:

~i have sufficient stomach acid
~well formed dark stools with little undigested food half of the time
~looser pale stools with strong orange tint and sour/bitter maybe fruity acetone smell, or a smell that i cant identify, although no acetone smell on breath
~yeasty smell on breath, something i associate with crawfish from 3rd grade, or that one kid in school who had asthma and bad breath
~little bloating compared to what i used to have
~digest rice (only grain i eat) moderately well- some in stool
~notable symptoms in upper left quadrant of abdomen-either stomach or duodenum i think- symptoms appear shortly after eating so i know it cant be my decending colon
~after eating-coldness to touch or oppositely burning feeling-warm to touch-desire to put out heat with cold water. greatly releived with bowel movement
~diabetic symptoms~frequent unquenchable thirst~frequent hunger~fasting all morning until the afternoon-feeling best when not eating, but then once i eat i continue to feel hungry and eat and uncomfortable, uneasy until i either eat a large amount of sugars or distract myself or exercise
~inability to keep an erection (new symptom)
~generally weak muscles-like they almost cant function or stay contracted- at times- though i can still exercise and function and lift heavy things- and they seem to be remaining very small-ive never had big muscles but ive always had a healthy muscular form,now it is almost as if there not there
~slight bloating of ileum, lower quadrant below navel,(this i beleive is my candida but its not too bad like it used to be)
~sometimes blockage of ileo-ceocal valve-massage to get movement-gurgling and bowel movement
~salt cravings
~very low stress tolerance
~fatigue, sleep sometimes 12 hours-especially after eating Sugar night before
~sometimes cloudy pee
~after eating sugar-shaky hands-blurry vision-cold extremeties- numb finger-diffuse muscle inability to contract (hyperglycemic symptoms i beleive)
~when i try to eat healthy-low sugar-low starch- garbanzo beans, sardines and veggies something happens, i crave water and salt, and i am always motivated to eat sugar, maybe because of constipation, sometimes i am trying to drink food because i am so thirsty

this is all i have for now, its a lot but i tried to be fair and complete and to not mislead because i really need help

so im wondering, am i deficient in some mineral/vitamin/nutrient that is causing my weakenss,
or if i am prediabetic,
i want to be healthy but i feel uneasy when i do and i am motivated to perpetuate sugar dependency

thanks all
lets get to health together~
peace be
love free
you and me
we are all together.


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