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Re: Pau d'Arco/ear infection by Hveragerthi ..... The Truth in Medicine

Date:   9/29/2009 8:33:05 AM ( 13 years ago ago)
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 "Antibiotics do only work for bacteria"

And in some cases the Antibiotics don't even work for bacteria, as in my son's case.

Good point.

"A few options would be to add a pau d' arco tincture to a small amount of olive oil to drive off the water and alcohol then use the warm oil as ear drops to kill the fungus and to soften up any ear wax. After about 20 minutes I would use a bulb syringe to gently suck out the oil."

Hv, could i do this for bacteria as well? Or is this only for the fungal type.


It works for bacteria as well.

I saw your post to me further down the page, and you said i could use the olive oil to soften the wax and remove with bulb syringe 20 mins later. Is there any point in me adding the pau d' arco tincture too?

You can use the pau d' arco since it can help kill the infection while the oil is softening up the wax.

Why do you need to drive off the alcohol? As later on you said about making pure alcohol eardrops.

Driving off the alcohol allows the herb go in to the oil since the alcohol and oil won't mix. If the oil is coating the tissues the alcohol with the extract will "float" above the tissues where it is needed.

Are you warming the olive oil in a pan?

Yes, put a little oil in a small container and put a little water in a pan and place the container in the water. Warm the water up on the stove and allow the oil to warm to a comfortable temperature.

At the moment we are still doing the iodine, but it might help to remove some of the gunk so the iodine can work better.
I am adding cooled boiled water to lugols, as that is what i have. You say it causes bacteria, but as he already has bacteria, i can't see it will make it worse. And surely the iodine will kill anything off in the water anyway.

It is not what is in the water, but what is in the ear. When the iodine gets absorbed and the water is left behind......

It has worked well for Spud and her family, so i'm afraid i'm going to ignore this aspect of your advice. I want to put a defiant smilie face here, but don't know how to access them. lol


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