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Re: Wombat, I have another question by ndul ..... Iodine Supplementation Support by VWT Team

Date:   10/7/2009 12:06:40 PM ( 12 years ago ago)
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Thank you again Wombat for your help. The lymph info is great. I need to employ that into my routine. I am religiously taking the companion nutrients, except the niacin. I had an uber-scary reaction to it years ago (which now I think was a normal reaction but scared the heck out of me at the time-I turned red from head to toe and was my skin felt like it was burning off, with only one tablet-aaaahhhh!!!!). I was only taking 200 mcg of selenium, but have just upped it to 800 mcg after reading so many posts by Trapper. My diet is pretty good, we eat lots of veggies and fruits (approx 80% of our diet and all raw). We raise a garden every year, but I'm sad to say we just had our first freeze so that is no more, bummer. I still buy organic when I can, it's really hard to find here in our podunk town. I have been making kefir with organic milk (supposedly no hormones, but I don't drink a lot of it, just in case). We drink filtered water. Our meat is clean. We buy a cow yearly from good friends here in town who never pollute their animals with anything bad. It is the BEST meat I have ever eaten in my life. I buy my shampoo and toothpaste from Iherb, all good ingredients. I use coconut oil for my lotions, and the only make up I wear is mascara and I only wear it once in a while. I need to invest in a bottle of non toxic mascara. I have thrown out my antiperspirant. I need to do more bra free wearing. I'm sure my hubby won't complain ;) I have noticed changes in my breasts. The pain has lessened significantly since starting iodine. What I have notice most is that my periods are awesome now. Best they have ever been my entire life. I used to have horrible painful 10 day periods. I know I had to be anemic because of the blood loss. I literally couldn't work, because I couldn't get that far away from the bathroom during that time of the month and sleep at night was a joke. I had to run to the bathroom at least once an hour or have to change clothes. Since starting Iodoral my periods started to get less painful, clotting was less, and blood loss was better, and my period duration had shortened to half-5 days instead of 10. Still had cramping and back pain with it until starting Trap's SSKI /Magnascent combo. This last period was unexpected. I literally started with no cramping, no back pain, and no idea it was even there until I was in the bathroom. That's a first for me. I usually have cramping and back pain for an entire day before starting. This last period I had was less blood, hardly any clotting and I could sleep through the night with no emergency dashing to the bathroom several times a night. It was a true blessing. I realize this is probably TMI for some people, but I thought I would add the graphic description for people who are also in the same condition with their monthlies as I was, and are wondering if they should start Iodine or not. Start it! No hesitation! After reading your post last night, I am backing off for at least a week or so. Recently I have started up with the insomnia and a mild shakiness. I think I might have started to overdue the Iodine a bit, and my body is protesting, but I'm really sad to stop at all. When I resume, I think I will take it slow like you have with the 50 to 100 mg, and keep with that. Thanks again for all your help. You are awesome. Have a fantastic day!

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