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Hi there Embarrassed Undergraduate! by Surfer27 ..... Body Odor Forum

Date:   10/8/2009 1:30:14 PM ( 13 years ago ago)
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Hi there Embarrassed Undergraduate!

Surfer27 here. How's it going? Are you getting any kinds of relief, from the problems you face, with the rectum odor stench? What have you tried so far, that has given you any kind of relief or progress and what has worked for you? I think, I am dealing with exactly what you are dealing with!! Actually, I know that I am dealing with exactly the same similar things as you and I'll tell you why. Well, it started out, about 3 yrs in 2006. I was having problems, with my ibs and it had be going on for about 5 yrs at the time. I was trying to think of some ways, to get rid of this problem and I know that, when I tried several products to not only stop the constipation and ibs, like: Align, Metamucil, etc, etc, none of them worked for me. I was getting desperate to find some relief, from IBS and I made a terrible mistake, in the process of doing so!! I thought that, if I stuck a small object up my anus, that it'd help, with my ibs problems. I thought by doing this, that it'd relieve me of these symptoms and found out later, that it didn't!! As a matter of fact, as soon as I had done this act, I figured everything would go back to normal and this would help alleviate the IBS problems and symptoms. Did it? No, it made things worse!! I am now finding, that not only do I now, suffer with anal leakage daily, but am also like you, suffering everyday with this stench coming from my butt, as a conseguence to my actions that I did. Now, I really regret it, because even before doing this act, I did still have IBS, but before, I never had a anal stench coming from that area and now I do!! I wish that, I could take it back, had I realized that, by me doing this act it was making things worse, but it's too late for that!! The past is the past!! I can't go back and change what's already been done!! That's why it's called the past!! So, what I am saying to you, is: I totally can relate to you on all of these levels, because I made the same mistake as you, by putting something I shouldn't have up my backend. And I know, the embarrassment and shame you speak of too. I can't tell you, how many disgusting looks I've gotten from people as I walk by and them looking at me, like there's something wrong, or like I've got two heads, ya know what I mean. Everyday, even when I am just outside for 15 minutes, to have a cigarette and as people are going by me, them constantly coughing loudly, clearing their throats, while I am around and them, saying to their friends: ewww, what's that smell? who farted? it smells like crap? etc, etc. I can totally relate to you on both a personal and emotional level with you and if you need to talk to me about this, then feel free. I am home all day anyways!! Atleast both you and I have one thing in common and that is, that we are going through the exact same things, because of sticking an object up where it don't belong. It seems like, that's where it all started, for both you and I anyways and that's why I can fully relate to your story really well!!! I would like to hear back from ya, if possible. Also, I would like to know other things you've tried, to help alleviate these rectum odor smells and whether or not, you've tried odor cleanse before, or Pro M Internal Deoderizer, or Champex Deoderizer? Because you and my stories are very much alike, I wanted to share some information with you, that I found over the net. As I was searching, I found that there is this product on the internet, that may and by may, I mean it might help, yours and mine situation, but it's not necessarily guaranteed. It's a product called: Manuka Honey. Perhaps you've heard of it, maybe you haven't and this product is all new to you. It's suppose to, from what I've read, help reduce malodor odors apparently. Here is a website on this so called Manuka Honey:
Here are a couple more sites on Manuka Honey:
and one website from New Zealand:
Apparently, the higher the + of the manuka honey, the better the results and the quicker the results. I just wanted to give you, this information. Apparently, some guy through Seredipidit's Exchange Blog mentioned that he too, was suffering for years with these anal smells and once he took Manuka Honey daily for approx. 3 months straight, he then said, that there was this huge decrease in his weird anal smells. That is why, I am bringing this info to you, because I can totally relate to you and want to help you, in anyway that I can. If you have found this information to be helpful to you, then please pass this on to other people who are in the same boat as you and I. I gotta go, but take care and hang in there!!! Bye for now.

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