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Re: Help! Fecal Smelling Body Odor (Warning: Long Post) by timeless88 ..... Body Odor Forum

Date:   12/18/2009 7:35:53 AM ( 13 years ago ago)
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I want to thank you for trying so hard. I live in a building with over 600 residents run by a non-profit who try to help the formerly homeless who they move in here. Many smell really bad, but aren't even aware of it; or they are too depressed to care.

I have a friend who smells terribly when he has gas.
I used to have this problem when I drank milk that wasn't lactose free.

Due to high cholesterol problems I gave up all dairy products and decided to switch to soy milk. I switched to soy cheese, started using tofu, too.

This is my suggestion to you: Give up all milk and/or dairy products.
Also, how frequent are your bowel movements?
If they aren't at least once (better twice) a day, then this could somehow be causing the problem. Pour light amounts of mineral oil on your food, just a few tablespoons, and this should help greatly.

As another poster pointed out, the body has 5 different ways of excreting.
If one method is blocked, maybe your systems of excretion are somehow effected. Lastly, Maybe you should get a GI colon exam?

Below is a reference to the poster mentioned above: I am not affiliated with this poster:
ou have 5 major elimination channels in your body - in order of importance they are:


If toxins are exuding through your skin, you automatically know the other 4 elimination channels are blocked up. Perfumes and deodorants simply cover up odor, it's like sticking a band-aid on a gaping wound. The soda and dairy habits are most definitely contributing. The birth control pills put a heavy burden on your liver. If your liver can't keep up, your blood becomes toxic. See the systemic overview here?

You need a "remodel" of a major sort. Maybe you can thank your body for giving you such a clear indicator of what you need to do. Better than a heart attack out of the blue - 4 of 10 heart attack victims don't survive! You have a chance to systematically clean out and get a good start -

This is a lot to think about - please respond and don't be discouraged. Everyone on this site practically has problems like yours or used to.


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