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Re: I am experimenting with do-it-yourself Allergy/Asthma immunizations! Instead of shots, I'm placing allergen(s) under my tongue! Wish me luck! by machaon.fl ..... Asthma Support Forum

Date:   12/19/2009 11:09:24 AM ( 13 years ago ago)
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Sounds like you are in desperate need of a liver cleanse. All allergies are only a symptom of a congested liver.



I thought that you were going to say that I was in desperate need of a Head Examination!!!

Thanks for the suggestion. I am willing to try anything, as you can plainly see.


Of course you just may want to consider that all the toxic drugs you take contribute to the problem. Oh yes ,good luck !




What toxic drugs???

At any rate, thanks for offering me good luck! I needed some good Karma, and you brought it!

SLIT Treatment # 4 @ 11:45--- Suffering from continued lightheadedness, a little tightness in chest and some indigestion, which is a new symptom. From what I have read, one day's "multiple" RUSH SCIT Allergy Immunizations using the Allergy Shots can take the place of a year or two of weekly Allergy Shots, so it would follow that one day's "multiple" RUSH SLIT Allergy Immunizations using the QTip under the tongue could also be effective, although only about 50% as effective as the shots. If SLIT is 50% less effective than SCIT (shots), then I'll just do the SLIT Protocol more often!

Thanks for responding to my post. It was getting awful lonely on this thread! 



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