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Re: I am experimenting with do-it-yourself Allergy/Asthma immunizations! Instead of shots, I'm placing allergen(s) under my tongue! Wish me luck! by machaon.fl ..... Asthma Support Forum

Date:   12/21/2009 11:25:52 AM ( 13 years ago ago)
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I posted this earlier today: I started seven more Grass-SLIT immunization treatments this morning at 7:30am; and am experiencing the same mild reactions as yesterday, except for some mild chest pains. I've noticed some changes in how my body reacts to certain things, but cannot say for sure that it is do to the SLIT experiment, or coincidence. Time will tell!

Wish me luck!


Now I am getting excited!

I've just done my fifth experimental SLIT Grass treatment at 12:15pm est; and I am having some very hopeful results. It will take some time to fully evaluate the results of my SLIT experiment, but I know that SLIT is used throughout Europe with good results.

Here is why I am getting excited: I have a QTip in my mouth right now with grass extract on it. I am getting slightly nauseous, dizzy and with some slight loss of balance. But, it is a short term reaction. That is very good! It means that I am reacting to the grass allergen in a mild, good way. I also had no breathing problems last night, whatsoever! Now...... many nights I don't suffer with breathing problems, but it is unusual for me to go several nights without sob, expecially after coming into contact with certain allergens.

All in all, I am very hopeful that my SLIT treatments are going to bear fruit. How substantial the gain, I don't know.

Two more SLIT treatments to go for today.

Wish me luck!




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