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Re: Need some advice....several questions? by #23743 ..... Liver Flush Support Forum

Date:   11/6/2004 5:06:40 PM ( 17 years ago ago)
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I'm sorry you're having gallbladder pain and problems with LF.

The scrambled egg stuff could be sludge from the liver, althought I'd be surer if it was bile green.
It also could be the OO (Olive-Oil) from the GJ/OO mix, going thru and since you're not getting many stones out, there could be a build up to the point where your liver is not able to move them out.
Next time you do a flush (since you're having pain, I'd assume you're still got some stones to clear), prepare well ahead of time, by taking
LECITHIN on daily basis,1 Tbs 3X daily (start with a smaller amount to se how you're reacting), fix
the APPLE CIDER Vinegar drink "Braggs" only, because it's alive with goodies in it(I make a drink with 1 Tbs molasses, 1 Tbs ACV, 1/2 lemon).
Also, I had a time whre my Liver-Flush did not produce stones,w hile I could tell I had them, and since I didn't like drinking a lot of Apple Juice prior to flushing, I found some
MALIC ACID tabs in the form of Magnesium Malate (from NOW Foods, 1000mg with 150 mg mag)and after taking it for a week before the flush (1000 mg 2X day)
I got out some monster stones on my next flush.
If you take Epsom Salts , I take 1 Tbs in a 1/2 glass of water. You could also try different magnesiums, like Citrate or Oxide, if you feel like comparing.
Don't forget to drink a lot of quality water.
Could try peppermint tea or tincture, that works for gallbladder for some.
I had a terrible gallbladder attact afew years ago, and I got relief from Castor Oil pack (apply to you abdomen on flannel od cotton, cover with plastic, then heating pad, then towel, and keep it on as long as possible: overnight is great, and as warm as comfortable). I couldn't even move from the pain, but the Casto Oil pack finally eased the pain.
Take care...:)


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