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Re: sorry to hear that, here is hope! by Karlin ..... Fibromyalgia Forum

Date:   7/17/2004 1:45:52 PM ( 17 years ago ago)
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My Fibro is gone.
/ Its been over a year now, and the symptoms are gone.
Headaches, fatigue, brain fog.
Leg pains, eye pains, all those pains, severe and disabling.

15 years of bad Fibro, with 10 before that where I was just uncomfotable, and now its gone.

- not just one tooth, but ALL THE TEETH THAT HURT CONSTANTLY were removed. I have seven left, all front lower ones. Inorder to get into a denture, and upper plate, I had the front top ones removed although they were not hurting.

The "bad" teeth were all drilled and filled, all were compromised by dentistry by drilling the enamal.
They were all very sensitive to hot, cold, warm , cool even.
The pain became extreme [Trigeminal Neuralgia].

The dentists were denying it all, even the pain. They refused to help, I had to get them out "by stealth" almost, a very slow and agonising process, that did much damage to me mentally.

But as the last ones were removed, I started to get better, and now I am fine. I am riding my bike HARD for miles and miles, I can walk for an hour, I do not have all those multitudes of symptoms of fibro, none.

My recovery is not a miracle, its just overcoming "created illness" that dentistry and medical people came up with 50 years ago.

It may have something to do with mercury...

With root canaled teeth,and I had 10 of them, the infections cannot be beat, it heides in the low-blood environ of Root Canals.
H202 will helps avoid the infections, but once you have had a "abcess" in teeth, you may be better off without that tooth.

Dentures are not so bad, I can eat anything...


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