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Re: Which sugars can candida use? by chamele0n ..... Candida & Dysbiosis Forum

Date:   1/16/2010 11:57:48 PM ( 12 years ago ago)
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It was definitely not die-off. The bowel movements just before eating yoghurt were normal and then by the end of the day yoghurt made them softer and softer to diarrheal within a few days. Also one of my eyes hurts when I eat sugar/carbs and I have had a floater there since all my candida/leaky gut symptoms emerged. It didn't seem to bother me but after I ate yoghurt I got that pain in my eye again. Then I started getting these really weird bowel movements as if they were covered with some film. This slimy film really freaks me out, it would float in water around feces. Intestines noticeable got hotter (inflammation I guess).

There might be another reason why I got all these symptoms from yoghurt (I typically had yoghurt with walnuts or pecans). After a while I got some think slimey almost balls, really crazy-looking stuff. I've read it could be improper digestion of too many walnuts (fats) I had been having for snacks. But I don't think walnuts could have fed candida or whatever it is to the point of it hurting my eye. Maybe not lactose but perhaps another ingredient in dairy makes candida more active. Also been having a lot of lemonade I make at home with Stevia. So the suspects for this slime in my stool are yoghurt, walnuts, Stevia, and lemons (that I think could potentially be causing irritation of the intestine causing slime or it could be cleaning it out?). I am getting off all of them and try them one at a time.

I bought some FOS too, they aren't really sweet. It said have one rounded teaspoon per day. First day I had a flat tablespoon and it gave me pretty bad stomach pain. Smaller amounts were better but still gave me a little abdominal discomfort. I read probably on here that FOS could be feeding all kinds of flora, there simply isn't enough research into it yet so I am avoiding them for now. I think if you try prebiotics you ought to have them with probiotics at the same time.

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