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Re: Gut Flora????? by grzbear ..... Candida & Dysbiosis Forum

Date:   1/19/2010 6:53:34 PM ( 12 years ago ago)
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>>"I think it is correct to say that probiotics do not implant on an inflammed gut wall..."<<

I agree with you...

>>"Wiping out pathogens should eliminate this inflammation - theoretically - and then maybe taking some aloe gel (straight from the leaf) mixed with probiotics would do both - heal the gut and reflorestrate."<<

That is one way to do it and why people may see benefit, and healing in using things like anti-fungals and/or Colloidal Silver initially... but once "eradicated", one must work quickly and thoroughly in order to heal the intestinal walls and keep the good microflora coming... otherwise the "bad" microflora will flourish again, especially if one has done little (including dietary cheating, etc.) or nothing to address dietary issues.

>>"I made myself ok doing this in 2000."<<

Your plan worked... great!

>>"Nowadays my levels of good bacteria are low; but not absent."<<

Better than most people out their...

>>"I keep eating my home made probiotic yoghurt ; good bacteria are needed in the lumen at least to produce the B vitamins. But until the crypto and candida are healed, I don't expect much repopulation to happen."<<

Good microflora do a great deal more than just manufacture B vitamins... read some of my past posts on the subject.

BTW - aloe vera juice is great for this purpose... you obviously did your homework... and/or had a great teacher/mentor.



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