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108 Questions for MH from Mr 108..(1-9) by prayervoice ..... Ask Barefoot Herbalist

Date:   1/22/2010 3:22:26 PM ( 11 years ago ago)
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Re: 108 Questions for MH from Mr 108

It has been my very great pleasure to have read every single word that MH has ever written on this forum. In my humble estimation, the knowledge he shares here about the human temple of the the soul(the body)has turned this forum (Ask Barefoot Herbalist) into what has become the greatest university in the world.

There has been more knowledge about the care and operation of the human body imparted here, than anywhere else on the entire Internet.

So often when MH answers a question for someone, I find myself not only thrilled to learn a little bit more, but also asking myself a question about the gem of an idea I have just been introduced to.

I have therefore chosen to start asking questions of MH that will help me better understand some of the gem-like ideas that he has forced me to ask myself, just by reading his comments to other questioners.

So as not to take up too much of your time MH, I will be asking a total of 108 questions in a series of 11 different posts here. There will be 9 questions in each of the 11 posts on your forum.

By the way... if any of the folks on this forum are wondering why 108 questions are being asked, I have a very reasonable answer. This is the Internet, and my IP address for my computer is and my Internet account number with is #62108. 108 has been a part of my life for a very long time. I first recognized this 35 years ago when I was managing a radio station here in Canada that was called FM 108.

Enough chatter. On with the first 9 question for MH. Just keep in mind that the questions are random and may jump all over the place.

01. When I get to live on a south sea island and am able to get sun all over my naked body every day, I intend to get the sun "up the place where the sun doesn't shine too", so that its rays of light may enter my body. Should one "moon" the sun or should one lay on their back in a squat position, and for how long? ( and I guess you sort of have to "hold the door open" as they say, to let the sun penetrate?)

02. I intend to get my skin as black as I can using the power of the sun before 10 AM and after 4 PM, so as not to cook my skin. The darker my skin gets will initially dictate the amount of time I can then start spending in the sun during the hours of 11 AM to 4 PM. Will I need to use any manner of natural sunscreen, such as a very thin coating of coconut oil?

03. I have been doing a daily sitz bath for about 2 years now. 103 degrees(or more) hot water until sweating like a pig. Then laying on my back in the tub, with my feet up on the shower wall, and using a hand held device to spray the cold water from the tap on my crown jewels for 15 minutes. I am at the point where I can get a good sweat going in 15-20 minutes by using 105 to 110 hot water in the tub. I know that the sweating is a sign that the mucus in my body has turned into a liquid form. Is it better for me to do the full hour at 103 degrees or is it OK to use the hotter water for only 15-20 minutes?

04. Somewhere you mentioned that the organs of the body begin to shut down beyond 103 degrees. Is this the reason you say to stay in the tub at 103 for an hour?

05. I usually do my sitz bath sometime between 10 AM and 2 PM. Is there a "best" time to do it?

06. I have been using the Barefoot Anointing Oils. For some reason, if I put a drop directly on the soft spot at the back of the head, I get a bit of an itchy rash in that area. So I have taken to putting a single drop on a Kleenex and then rubbing it all around that spot to spread it out a bit. I still get the rash, but not near as much. Any ideas why the rash?... or how to solve it?

07. When using ear candles you have suggested as many a 5 for each ear. Are they done back and forth or all 5 one side and then 5 more on the other ear?

08. I want to help a friend do a juice fast. You recommend Epsom salt flush for 1st time fasting. 1 tbs in 16 oz's of distilled water each morning on each of the first three days. Do I remember correctly that you also said 2 tea spoons of Redmond's Real Salt could just as easily be used each day?

09. Plant Fats should do what to the stools.. Allow them to float or to sink? Should your stools float or sink if one is taking a table spoon of lecithin/olive oil each night for many months(and of course eating properly according to what MH teaches)?

That's it for today MH. Thank you for being there for us my friend and God bless you and Brenda and Jody.


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