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Re: Heavy metals and candida by IvanDrvaric ..... Candida & Dysbiosis Forum

Date:   2/10/2010 7:28:51 PM ( 12 years ago ago)
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>This biofilm you are talking about, is it visible on stool?

If the exposure to the source of food or stress factors that can influence your immune system or Acid/Base balance is crushed ( so equilibrium of intestinal microflora is imbalanced ) and epithelium mucosa in exposed ...I believe the biofilm could develope in dimensions that is visible.

It would be manifested as mucus tissue on feaces.

>I recently got some KAL brand Stevia and had lots of it
>with my homemade lemonade. My stool was looking terrible.
>It was covered in some film (not mucus). There was even
>white slime coming out independent of the stool (after the
>bowel movement) so I assume it's from further in the small
>intestine. I suspect that KAL brand Stevia is cut with
>something real bad since I don't see anyone else
>complaining about using Stevia.

It sounds as part of the biofilm that was attached to the
intestinal epithelium. And during travel of faeces the walls were brushed.

>When I accidentally ingest less Sugar with some meal I
>sometimes see not film on stool but smaller white threads
>from stool in the water. That makes me think it's not
>mucus but a fungus. When that happens I usually get
>needle-like pains in my intestine (I assume fungus growing
>rhizoids) and that gives leaky gut.

I would join to your idea.
But you must know that fungus can also be part of the biofilm with other pathogene members ( opportunistic bacteria ).

>I am currently avoiding sugars (including lactose) and >grains. I was wondering if this is the sort of biofilm you >are talking about, maybe I should try your technique?

I think to stand on hypothesis of biofilm of fungus and other pathogenic oportunistic bacteria would give you
enough benefit in actions ( even if you are not right ).
Because actions on this are very general for detoxification.

What you should consider on the actions if you start from
this hypothesis:

1) avoid sugar
2) avoid fruits ...because
fungus and bacteria are competing for iron and
other micro elements in fruits that are accompanied
with fruit acid.
Instead of fruit use vegetable and green smoothies
3) Drink wheatgrass juice or better barley grass
fresh chlorophil is right
4) Eat fermented vegetable where
sugars are fermented.
Lactic acid is also chelating agent for
Ferment vegetable by yourself ( without vinegar )
just with garlic, coriander and bought activated
lactobacillus bacterias.

5) I agree with you with avoiding lactose products.

6) Instead of milk use fermented almonds , coconut milk

7) eat papaya can grind together
papaya meat and seeds inside...
This way you also clean of parasites and influence
on intestinal epithelium.

8) make pineapple juice with spinach
Spinach is essential for tonus of testnial muscles
so intestinals are more flexible and this way you
make adherence process of pathogenic more impossible

9) Ferment it as much as possible...
This way you could also use for example wheatgrass
grains - drink called bouza from ferment is
rich with lactobacillus

10) Maybe you should practice for few months regular
fasting once or twice pwer month the weekend
Eg twice per month from friday morning to sunday
During fasting you should drink barley grass juice
and make enema with rest of juice ( pulpa ) that
is dilluted in cold boiled or distilled water.

It is essential for you not just cleansing the epithelium but also the liver and influence on spleen.

When spring comes you make few weeks regular drink of nettle fresh juice from the young nettle leaves.

After fasting with barley or wheatgrass juice start the
process of warming-up ( when switch to regular diet )
with drinking first day after fasting with tea of
Cetraria islandica. those are dried leaves of lichen.
This will help to restore your epithelium moucus.

And after that diet with a lot of fermented vegetable
( broccoli, cauliflower, garlic...fermented garlic
is even better then fresh garlic, parsley, cilantro -
this way you get probiotic mix of vegetable that can act
as chelator with bigger amounts in daily meals ).

And do not blame me after that because you will get up
more relaxed, sleep will be much more better, only thorugh the day aware of sugar, bread, fruits ( maybe dried plums but I eat dried plums soaked and grinded and then mixed with coconut milk ). But fermented vegetable would give you also the energy ( use meaty cruciferous vegetable ).

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