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Re: how long does extra toxins accumulate after flushes? by rod ..... Liver Flush Support Forum

Date:   1/10/2005 11:32:44 AM ( 16 years ago ago)
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What I have discovered so far is that it doesn't matter how many Liver Flush or other cleanse you keep doing in a regular basis to get rid of toxins, if you continue eating the wrong food your body will continue strugguling with the toxins until it is not able to handle them any more and either you get a serious illness or on some case you die. Most of the problems now day is due to the Leaky Gut, due to the Antibiotics that little by little weaken the small intestine flora allowing pathogens like candida to proliferate hurting the permeability of the small intestine and allowing some cell to get into the blood flow creating lot of stress on the adrenal, liver, kidney, lymph systems, and inmune system. Leaky Gut is like an epidemy now days not only because of the Antibiotics but because of preservatives , herbicides, pesticides etc that weaken and kill our primary line of defence our intestinal flora. To get rid of your problem is quite complicated because first of all you have to get rid of candida as it is the primary cause of Leaky gut and it is done through diet with no (Sugars, dairy products, Wheat and gluten grains), then once candida is checked you have to heal the small instestine avoiding allergic food that irritate the small instestine and increase the permeability of it, so you have to get an allergy test to see what can you eat, pretty much you will have to ban from your diet for at least 1 or 2 years wheat, sugars, dairy. Also in the mean time you have to support your main detox organs such as Liver, kidney, adrenals, Lymph system, colon(with liver flush, etc). It is not an easy task, I have found chinese medicine the only real way to approach this problem and the only real medicine useful to deal with leaky gut in order to assist your body in the process of balance back the harmony and to assist your body in the process of detox.



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