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Re: scared me when I saw the original subject title by High on Water ..... Iodine Supplementation Support by VWT Team

Date:   2/18/2010 10:18:53 AM ( 11 years ago ago)
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Yes, I would say that because he is also on iodine, he's more protected from the negative side of his meds than not! I'm sure you shared this with us before, but this sort of thing just breaks my heart in two:
"they removed (partially?)his thyroid when he was 6 (now 61) since he was hyperactive!"...GRRR!

However, on the plus-side, it is SO interesting your husband's doing so well on so little. I would love to know exactly what liquid form of Iodine and/or Iodide he is taking.

one of trap's?

I had started looking back on some of your posts in hopes of finding that info, but stopped when I found an old post of yours where you said you shared a link (you said I gave you in a pm?) to "Cassiegirl" for Diabetic Neuropathy in the feet. Since DN is connected to hypothyroidism more than diabetes, I find it potentially helpful in a situation with my diabetic husband. Ford's article said to take lesser amounts because the pain in the feet can increase with "too high" a dose of iodine/iodide. I wanted to ask you, did I originally give you the link because of your hubby or you? Did either of you have or still have neuropathic pain or itching? If so, is it any better? (I think my own hubby wouldn't try or stick with Iodine in the past because of the potential for pain increase).

My own hubby's feet are getting worse (pain-wise). It's good in that his nerves ain't dead - and all the walking he does at work actually helps him - but sleeping at night is sometimes impossible because his feet pain keeps him awake.

The poor man's in a lot of pain and I'm thinking I gotta reduce his Iodine intake...and my husband is like yours in that he does very little alternative stuff. Mine's not on the hypothyroid meds, though, so I guess he can have more iodine...

For those who didn't know, yes! My hubby 'finally relented' to taking high doses of SSKI when he had gotten a bad headcold and lung congestion. His lungs cleared up so well he was getting out OLD stuff! (Even I could hear the "POP" of mucous coming off the lung as he coughed before expelling).

He doesn't cough-choke-gag in the shower every morning now like he has done so for the last 32 years!

The man is finally convinced. But ouch! His feet! (Of course, now that I think of it, he was not in pain yesterday, or one morning over last weekend. Hmmm; I was thinking of deleting all this with that remembrance, but I think I'll just keep it up...maybe he can stay on this "high" dose for now, (5 drops magnascent in the am, and 5 drops Trap's SSKI with 1000mgC/+/minerals at night)....

(No, it ain't the SSKI keeping him awake...he "crashes" within a half hour after taking it). lol

PS: I find it oddly humorous (yet very cool), to "find" an article I don't remember sharing with another back to me again when I need it - just by searching your name to see what kind of iodine you're taking!

Talk about your excellent Support Forums !


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