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Re: Pumpking Oil and Amazing Results!!! by #39020 ..... Liver Flush Support Forum

Date:   2/1/2005 9:35:12 PM ( 17 years ago ago)
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Honestly, I didn't expect such an interest from you guys...
I'm not an expert on LF, I think most of you folks have more experience doing Liver-Flush than I do. It was my 2nd Liver-Flush ever. So, I would strongly suggest to consider everything (your health condition, allergies, and etc) before you do this. I would assume that different people react differently to the same treatment but it was worth for me to try. I plan to do another Liver-Flush with Olive-Oil per Dr. Hulda protocol, something less harsh than this one. Will I try this LF again? Maybe :)))... in 3-4 months. Even though I got great results and have no pain as of today, I still think that this LF is tough on the body. Strangely, I got a sour taste in my mouth today; I don't know what it is. It doesn't go away with a drink or food. Honestly, I didn't expect such an interest from you guys...

Some of you mentioned that I ate some food that day. Yes, I had lunch and supper. I have been told that I need to eat that specific "diet" to give some "fuel" to my liver to continue purging the staff out and to support it. I don't think it would be wise to fast all day long, because this flush is already hard enough and takes lots of energy. Keep in mind - no water for the whole day!!!

Even though I was eating normally before LF, I stopped to eat any dairy, meat or fish 1 week before that. I could not take any apples or apple juice before LF because of my bloating and crams, if I would the result could be even greater.

Because I had pretty bad pain from my 1st LF I was taking ES and did enemas ones a day for 4 days before I decided to do Pumpkin Oil Flush.

This flush is easier to do if everything could be prepared the evening before. I boiled distilled water, put some sea mineral salt from a good source, some apple cider or lemon if there is an allergy to the cranberry juice.
I also, did a mini garlic enema @1:00am with 100ml of water (put 1 clove of garlic in hot water @ 10:00pm)
Squeezed grapefruit (lemon or I believe apple juice could be used instead - check with experts on this), add pumpkin oil and 20 drops of walnut tincture put this drink in a jar and mix it. I kept it in refrigerator, I like it cold. I didn't like the smell of pumpkin oil, so I closed my nose:))
Premixed ES and water in a glass (kept it cold, too).
Cooked cereal ahead of time.

I, also, did one more mini enema before I went to bed that day (it was nothing comparing to seven 2 litters ones) in order to prevent yeast and fungus grows (I don't know exactly what does it do for the body, I just did it because I was told to do:)): 1tbsp of flax seed oil and 100ml of distilled water and I tried to keep it in for the whole night, actually nothing come out anyway, it seems the colons absorbed that.
I continue to eat lots of apples.


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