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Mirena side effects/class action/fda notify/fda petition by jessysnipsnip ..... Mirena, Skyla IUD Forum

Date:   2/27/2010 1:51:24 PM ( 13 years ago ago)
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They say mirena released only little bit of hormones into the blood stream how much is too little !! How can very little be true, if it is in a silicone based gel being released into the uterous,and some only enters the blood stream, and i have silicone levels in my blood stream as high as a woman with silicone breast implants and me being post mirena one month! very little hormone released is BS! how can it be building up in my blood in a year and a half , and i have no breast implants. so yes it does enter the blood stream allot not a little !!
even if they wont take this product of the market i hope everyone know how the side effects are life threatening ! and severe side effects not just side effects. How people have to take pain medications and muscle relaxers just to get through the day or night. MRI s and all tests show nothing is wrong how can this horrible thing still be on the market.! spread the word! this is a evil thing.
I had Mirena for year and half. a year after having it i started getting CHRONIC MUSCLE PAINS, SEVERE CHRONIC UPPER BACK PAIN, mainly left side, SHOULDER PAIN, mainly only left shoulder, ANXIETY, INSOMNIA, CHEST PAIN, BREAST PAINS, nAUSEA IN CAR RIDES, DAILY NAUSEA FOR 5 MONTHS, i thought i was gonna die from the pain all over my upper body!! Been to chiropractor, cardiologist, Emergency rooms twice, Primary drs.. all my tests were fine !!! the ob said its not related to Mirena. i even quit my job., that didnt help me get better.. I know it is Mirena that caused all that because as soon as i took Mirena IUD out i was getting better after 24 hours.. getting better day by day, i use to have to take advil everytime i left the house. muscle relaxers and 4 advils at once just to sleep....Now that the stupid MIRENA is out i can sleep breath and move with out taking medicine !!! WHAt a BIG RELEIF !!! I THOUGHT FOR SURE THAT ITS GONNA KILL ME...i never would recomend it to anyone!!! I suffered for 9 months until i removed it. i also heard it takes a TIME for the body to go back to normal so i am taking it easy til then. but i for sure feel better now that its out. what a reliefffff !!


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