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Re: Swollen lymph nodes for over 2 years now, chronic fatigue, clogged feel in brain. by Bythc ..... Ask CureZone Community

Date:   3/3/2010 4:25:52 AM ( 11 years ago ago)
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The last extractions I had were a month ago. My nodes are still swollen, though not as bad. I think the oral surgeon believed me when I told him, Antibiotics made no deference. I've taken tons of Antibiotics , just ended up making me sicker. The most I had pulled at once were two. Eight how did you take it? I read where it can take up to a year for lymph nodes swollen from an infection to go away. It may just be a matter of time.

I rinse and swish my mouth with food grade H202, CS, salt, and baking soda. Not all at once, in combinations,( H202 and CS)(salt and baking soda)or (salt,baking soda and H202). Oil pulling is something else you can do, check out the forum.

With that many infected teeth, it becomes a whole body issue. It takes time to heal. An Epsom Salt bath draws out alot of toxins, this would help your skin. Eat more greens, carrots(organic carrots are cheap), wheat grass and fresh juice. Asunaro sap sheets are good foot detox pads, they draw toxins from the lymph system. Drink plenty of pure water, use Sea Salt .

Don't give up.

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