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Re: Dosage Catch 22 and update by cougar ..... Iodine Supplementation Support by VWT Team

Date:   4/29/2010 12:47:10 PM ( 11 years ago ago)
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Thank you Wombat,

Sorry so slow responding......

I have been busy working and trying not to get sick

I also honestly got triggered.....I take full the juicing/raw food stuff and had to process a bit:

I was mostly vegan and totally into raw/live foods for two years. I was convinced this would heal me. I loved my vitamix and champion juicer and dehydrator. I made sprouted kamut bread, and seed cheeses and yoghurts and grew sprouts and juiced veggies and on and on. In a nutshell, I lost weight, i got down to about 130lbs, after two years I still didn't seem to be healing my gut. When I started eating meat again I gained 10 lbs in one month, muscle mass, hair stronger, felt stronger.

Now, that said, maybe being vegan wasn't the best combo. The weston price info makes a lot of sense to me and has been more where I have been directing myself. 100% grass fed meats, organic veggies.

That said, I am needing to heal some things soooooooooo....

I spent some time looking at juicers that can handle fibrous greens, I picked some dandelions and juiced them in my vitamix yesterday and did some wheat grass from whole foods, so I am open to exploring that some. It just ruled my life for those two years without much payback, at least that was clear. And maybe for me, clean proteins and juicing and raw stuff could work better??????

Anyway, I want to write more, but I have to go now and wanted to at least write some now

I am open to changes/suggestions and keeping an open mind..

do you eat Raw? and practice much of what Lapis suggests?

thanks again....

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