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Anyone else used or using HMD? My experiences and questions. by #126629 ..... Chelation Therapy Support Forum

Date:   5/14/2010 7:39:52 AM ( 11 years ago ago)
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Hi all,

I am fairly new to this forum but feel fairly clued up on chelation from long term internet research, but I am certainly not an expert.

I am currently using "HMD" formulated by Dr Georgiou (Cilantro, Chlorella and Chlorella Growth Factor) and so far its been a pretty easy experience. I know that Andy Cutler had concerns over Cilantro and Chlorella, but the research by Dr Georgiou showed that when combined they chelated heavy metals safely, whilst taken seperately they were ineffective and potentially negative

I have had some detox reactions but they have been generally quite mild and have reduced gradually. I have been using it for 2 weeks building up the dose from 25 drops 3 times daily to 50 drops 3 times daily and feel that i could continue like this forever as its hardly noticeable (still occasional mild heavy head but thats all).

Is anyone else using this or considering it?

One thing that worked against Dr Georgiou's protocol (see
is the recommendation of using Alpha Lipoic Acid. He recommends adding it to chelation protocol and I tried this at 100mg 3 times a day a the start of the 2nd week of chelation, lets just say i did it for a day and then called it quits!!! Major detox symptoms especially in my head / brain! Having read the Andy Cutler protocol for ALA I think that Dr Georgiou's recommendation for adding ALA to protocol is a bit careless / miseducated and is intended to improve the HMD protocol but doesnt consider the power of ALA and its ability to chelate from the brain in particular!

I have also been supplementing with Selenium (50 mg 3 times daily, Garlic capsules (1000mg 3 times daily), Milk Thistle (175mg 3 times daily) and N-Acetyl Cysteine (600mg once daily)... these are all known to have benefits to mercury toxicity so I am using them to boost my chelation protocol.

All i would say is i am very happy with the HMD chelation, its very tolerable and "gentle" and scientifically proven to chelate all heavy metals so i know its working. There would possibly be a concern that because of the large space of dosing (every 8 hours) then re-distribution could be a risk but its so mild its not too much of a concern and with continuous chelation re-distribution is basically eliminated over time anyway.

As for the ALA, i wont be touching it for at least another 3 months as recomended by Cutler and then it will be the low dose every 3 hour regime, 3 days on 4 days off etc.

Hopefully by the end of the 3 months HMD protocol my mercury levels will be significantly lowered in my blood and organs, and maybe even my brain? but then i will complete the chelation process with a few rounds of ALA cutler style and then allow my body to settle, maybe doing another round of HMD a year or so later for good measure!

How many rounds of ALA are recommended in total for a good detox? how many rounds have other members completed?

Thanks for any comments


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