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Re: LFRF - Any one going LOW FAT RAW FOOD? I'm trying it now and so far so good. A LOT less cravings, go figure! by Adieu ..... Raw Food: The Vegetarian/Vegan

Date:   6/2/2010 5:01:17 PM ( 12 years ago ago)
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BAAAAD idea. For starters, omegas are your best friend... But the real biggie here isn't even that. No, it's the fact that you truly do have to low-to-no carb your way to gastric recovery, and it will take a damn long time - BUT there's absolutely no way in hell to get even the minimal 2Mcals daily necessary for survival off just protein. It's not even the fact that your body can't digest that much pure protein... The true problem is that the highest normal natural protein source, tuna, has only 25% by mass protein. That means you need to eat FIVE pounds OF TUNA, DAILY, FOR MONTHS - but you can't, cause you'll get mercury poisoning and die. So, you need more like NINE pounds of fish and poultry, cause other sources of protein are more like 10-15%. Now, I'm 189cm tall and used to weigh up to 120kg (something like 99th percentile by size for the human race!), and though I only weigh about 74kg now, I can't seem to recall any time when I could ever eat 9 pounds of food per day even in my heavier years - it's just too much...

...also, there's that whole pesky issue of balancing between guaranteed Antibiotics poisoning (for meat, chicken, and farmed fish) or highly probable mercury poisoning (for any wild fish, tuna's just especially bad cause it's an apex predator) whenever you eat such quantities of the stuff, which sorta rules out all possible avenues to low-fat protein dieting.

ABSTRACT: no way in hell can you get enough calories to survive off a low-fat protein diet. Ever.


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