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copper dump, Moly-B, manganese, zinc and high plasma cysteine by cougar ..... Rife Forum: Bio Resonance

Date:   6/28/2010 6:05:42 PM ( 11 years ago ago)
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Ok, I am one week to running the doctrine....started on Saturday morning last sunday morning I was really angry...Man I was really pissed off...big old old pattern.....I am not good enough....there is something really, really wrong with me...

Ever since I started doing some CE's about 2 months ago or so ago, I have gradually needed to take more and more potassium, and then in the past couple of weeks there are days when it is 4 grams of KCl or more otherwise I get cramping muscles and my biceps feel realy weak and just not right and lifting weights they don't feel right, get sore too quick, feel weird, and I get really antsy. I thought it was the amount of Iodine I was taking (100mg Iodoral since early Feb.) or it was getting my magnesium level up with Magnesium Chloride topically. But then I saw two weeks in a row after Coffee-Enema my gut was off and then the potassium need spiked.

Then I think I read a Newport post on CE's stirring up Lead in the liver and causing issues. DMSA seems to help. I chelated with dmsa and ala for 4 days last weekend and things felt mostly better, and then I tried taking powdered kelp (trying to figure out how to get some good minerals in me since I can't handle much magnesium internally, so alot of those mineral formulas don't work). since a couple days of kelp the potassium need is very high again over this past weekend.

last nite the biceps were driving me nuts so I dowsed for DMSA but not ala. jdp got that i was having a copper dump a couple of days ago and my dowsing confirmed. This whole copper thing is new to me, but I keep reading and it is making sense, especially after this hair test I just did a month ago, just got the results and it had some ratios that were indicating possible copper toxicity. Also that my adrenals are toast among other things....

So of course I am a sulfer sensitive type, I had a plasma cysteine test when I first starting chelating that showed very high Cysteine (Cutler recommended that test) and explained why eggs and cruciferous veggies weren't working anymore.

With that in mind I get all nervous about MSM and NAC for the copper. But there is moly b. A couple of days ago I found a post by NP talking about that and he said take the MolyB first for sulfur people and then start the MSM when you can do it.

Of course SCD yogurt doesn't work for me and last week I just couldn't seem to get an order placed with Iherb (mind control?) and get the Coral Calcium, which of course they are out of at the moment but I can get it at amazon.

My local store only had molyb in 150mcg per tablet with a bunch of dicalcium phosphate so I took that yesterday, the carlson brand has rice flour and grains don't work, so I am about to place my Iherb order, coming out of a head cloud finally, and I will get a better molyb tomorrow in the mail.

I got some manganese also.
I forgot both mang. and moly at home today......
am I forgetting about zinc too?????

any comments? Am I on the right track here or am I hopelessly confused by my poor body being overrun by parasites, metals and other crap?

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