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Re: Live-R-ight question and a few others by Hveragerthi ..... The Truth in Medicine

Date:   7/1/2010 4:34:24 AM ( 11 years ago ago)
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 I'm wondering if your product would be right for me. With my Hashimoto's I'm concerned about the polysaccarides in the blend. Are they in small amount doses that it wouldn't affect me?

There is a minimal amount of immune stimulating polysaccharides in the formula.

Also, would I take this in addition to bitters?

You can use it in place of the bitters if you want.  The formula is quite bitter.

Can it be taken with my adrenal blend (ashwaghanda, lic root, nettle leaf, yucca, rose hips, and watercress)?


Another side question, when adding Celtic sea salt to water for minerals, how much should I add per 8 oz? I've just been adding a pinch.

A pinch is fine because you are getting a lot of minerals/electrolytes from other sources as well such as the nettle leaf and watercress.  And if you add to much salt the water is not going to taste very good.

My doctor recommended I take potassium, however, I remember reading something on here about in causing heart arrhythmia.

Yes, potassium can cause arrhythmias if too high or too low.

I've noticed a sharp, quick pain throughout the day in my heart recently and was wondering if that's from the potassium supplements or could it be one of the herbs causing it? The only new herb I added was lic root and I also added the kefir.

The herbs you listed should not cause this.  Neither should the potassium as long as you did not take a big dose.  If you are taking potassium sparing diuretics or are retaining potassium for some reason then supplementation is not a good idea.

How much do you recommend daily for potassium supplements?

They come in 99mg tablets and capsules.  The recommended dose is 99mg two to three times daily.

I begin typing with one question in mind, and I just keep thinking of more questions! One more, is it okay to add a pinch of Celtic sea salt to my cats water for minerals?

Yes. You can also add a little silica to their water to help strengthen the tissues.

Any herbs you recommend for general health in a 10 year old cat?

You have to be more careful with cats when it comes to herbs. If their systems become too alkaline this can damage their kidneys.  One herb that would be good though is a little nettle leaf with meals.  Nettle is good for a lot of things in the body.  But make sure to maintain a high protein diet for your cat.


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