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My contactee story. by stepsahead ..... Alien Abduction Support Forum

Date:   7/3/2010 6:15:01 PM ( 13 years ago ago)
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Hi, i am from France. I feel i have to drop my story somewhere. I definitely need to express it it will be a good self-therapy. I never told my relatives about it and even my friends. I even didn't dare talking to my parents about it. Today i am 32, i have a public job, and it is really difficult to talk about it.
So the story starts when i was a child (8-11 yrs old). I used to do the same dream. One creature opened the door from my bedroom to get me. 1m80, pretty strongly built, i never been able to see the face. I think i did this dream 50 times. So, i remember when i was a child i used to sleep under the sheets, until i don't have any air to breath. I also used to scream very loudly, and my mother told me she was surprised about my voice. And she used to come to my room. Later on when i was a teen, i was scared to sleep on my own at my house. I felt like a presence when i was on my own. Several times i used to wake up in the night, very sweety, and totally exhausted just like i would have run 400 meters as fast as i can. I was very hot. My brain was physically in a state just like when i got a rinofaringite. it was like my brain was expanded into my skulls. My muscles totally blocked except my breath. Later on, when i had regular nightmare i discovered this previous state was not a normal state out of a nightmare. When i was 18years, i came back once from a nightclub at 6 o clock in the morning with no drugs and no alcohol involved (serious driver). i stopped at a local bakery. I bought some croissants. When i decided to come back to my car, there were a car parked in front of the bakery. I remember that was a Chrysler suv with teinted glasses. The back door slided, and i saw 4 men dressed in black with shirt in their early thirties. I remember i was surprised their suits were perfect just like they would come out from the wash machine. It was in 1996 before the MIB movie came out. One of them said to me "bonjour" as he knew me. I m not sure but i think i heard: "we were waiting for you" ("Nous vous attendions"). Actually, i felt familiar with them, and they felt familiar with me. However i passed them without answering, i don't know why, i think i thought it was people from a sectum.
Later on at 26 years old, i made a strange dream. In that dream, I was in my bed, i went out to the backyard, looked to the south east. I could see clearly all the stars, one star system attracted my attention. When it attracted my attention, the star system got closer to me like in a hyperspace motion. Then, the dream accelerated. Timing the dream went very fast. If i think about it today. It is like quick movie clips imaging just like forwarding a videotape. It is in my memory right now. There is another story in the dream in another timing. But i don't know how to slow down the motions to get it slow. i came back to the backyard, i came back to the entrance of my house to come back to my bed (we are still in the dream). Then in the corridor to go to my bedroom, i see a creature standing by. It is not the same creature than my childhood creature. 1m60, not strongly built, i cant see the face because it is hidden by a sombrero hat ( i know i dont know what it is doing here) However i remember the right arm of this creature. dark grey blue, pretty thin, looking like plastic. once again i feel the same feeling than the feeling i felt with the men in blacks. We are familiar. I think there were some greetings. I came back to my bed. At that point, i woke up in the state described before. Muscles were all stretched, brain was expanding in my brain, i was very sweaty, hearbeat also was like crazy. It was 11h30 pm. I wake up and i go to the door to go to the backyard. I feel shocked because i see through the blind the same moonlight than the moonlight i saw in my dream. At this point, i am scared to go out and witness the same things than my dream. By the way it was not a nightmare. i didnt feel scared in the dream. the day after, i go to an astronomy website in order to get the star map of that day. So i enter 11h30 and the lattitudes and longitudes from my place. I recnogized the star system. It was canis majoris. I double click on it to see the stars in it. And there are the Sirius planets in it. The story stopped here. I still dont know which sirius it is A,B or C. I was shocked. But just right now, i understand i forget one episode. This dream happened after i went to university. by the way when i moved to my university appartment, the exhaustion state after nightmare stopped. so at the university, once i was at the library, several stories high. I went to one row randomly. I took one book randomly and it was about the dogons from Mali. It was an anthropology book from Marcel Griaule. I read the book and it was about Sirius. By the way in the book there were no drawings of any canis majoris star system. I read the information in this book stating there were visited by an amphibian god from Sirius. In fact, i just remember... ( I am sorry, i tried to forget this story, i never talked about it. I typing now what is coming to my mind. ) The skin texture and the color from the creature arm in the dream is really close to a dolphin skin texture and color. Oh i also remember something. Once i was in a friend and i start talking in an unknown language. He was really scared. I remembered seeing his eyes, just like he saw an alien in front of him. I m not somebody who loose its mind easily. I dont know what happened to me. i was conscious but i was talking it was me but it was like i wanted to say something but i said it in another language. As i am typing now, i am totally unable to say those words once again.

This is the only things that come to my mind for now. But i feel i will have to face those things in my memory but i am concerned if i would speak about it under my real name and start talking about it, i would be concerned for my job as i am a contractor in IT and i need to have a clean image for new customers. But actually the most difficult would be to tell my parents. I never told my parents why i was screaming when i was a child. And by the way, my mother told me i didn't have a child voice when i screamed. I am sorry i dont want to scare you readers. i don't want compassion. I would be actually more keen on understanding what happened to me. Actually i tried to forget and put all of that in a box in my memory. Nevertheless, things changed in my mind. I have strange additional senses.

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