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Re: New Mercury Chelator product now available (OSR) by tmary ..... Miracle Mineral Solution MMS Forum

Date:   7/12/2010 10:24:57 PM ( 11 years ago ago)
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Here is the cheapest NDF--not cheap at all, but it will last a few months especially in the beginning---GO SLOW

I ordered the big one. It's cheaper in the end. Lasts abut 3 months once you get up to the full dosage. I was able to eat Ezekiel bread, buckwheat--all sprouted stuff--just not any real wheat products--the way they Genetically-Modified-Organisms that stuff now anyway, it's a wonder anyone can eat it. Our bodies don't even recognize the DNA pattern! I was able to eat kefirs and such as well. I was never able to before NDF

NDF gets out the free floating mercury and then you gotta get in the organs and such. For that I uses ALA. I guess I could have done the Andy cutler protocol, but I had so much I had to go with the NDF. I had leaky gut so bad---still healing from that but so much better---lots of aloe very.

With NDF do not eat until after the 2nd urination. Most of the mercury has been pulled out after that. I drink almost a quart of water every morning 1st thing. its just something you gotta get used to and it's a good habit anyway.

I also use this

Fulvic and Humic acid. They are known best for their ion exchange. They remove toxins from the cells. The humic acids dilate the cells and the fulvic is the chelator, carrying the good minerals in and taking the bad ones out.

I use the fulvic acid from

and also their Humic acids, which I receive as an agricultural product. It just takes a very small amount,--TM7óbut it really lasts.

But you can try this website

theirs is in proportion.

And here are the explanations if you need them of waht the products acutally do. I have not been sick with anything in the 2 years since I started taking them---honest to god--nothing, not a cold, not even a headach:

These products are very nice and combined with the ALA (alpha lipoic acid), they create a very deep mercury pull. I have also recently come across a product called Immochelete, which is a specific Russian oak bark, not the type one can buy in a health food store. It seems to have a very heavy molecular weight, which will bind very strongly, and then carry the mercury out of the body, bypassing the kidneys and the liver. And so far this seems to be the strongest chelator to date.

Donít be fooled by Cocoon nutrition, who advertises that they will send you the oak bark product and then ends up send you a humic product. This guy would not refund my money and the product was $60. I should report him, but I donít want to do that.

1st he said this, when asked if the product was Oak Bark ĎHi Mary, Mercury Magnet is now only a humic acid supplement.í

2nd he said this when asked if I could return the product

ďMary the Humic acid supplement is pulling out the heavy metals very effectively. I have reports from the US and Canada on its very positive life changing effects. The Oak Bark version was not discontinued by me, the Hungarian makers of this heavy metal detox product chose to work with the humic acid version as it produced outstanding results. Please read the entire article attached.

No you cannot returned an opened product. Besides you don't need to, it works.í
(I guess I cannot use the correct tense either hehehe)

3rd So I pursisted and he said this

ĎThe humic acid in this one has had it's naturally occurring heavy metal presence removed. Replace with zinc and potassium. The result is far, far, far stronger than any other humic acid product available. You are drawing conclusions too quickly. Take time to read the document I sent you. Otherwise you may be passing up the best product you've ever come across yet.í

And I did read it and it was an article for Oak Barkóridiculous to argue with the hard headed! I am only putting this in full here because I want others to beware. I am not saying that this product does not workóbut I have been using it and see no difference than taking my own cheaper humic acids. Iím just at deeper level of detoxónear the endóand am hoping to get it all at this point and this guy just flat out lied on his website. Too bad because he sells a lot of very reputable products. I have used many of them .


I built my own sauna for about $50.

See this website

If you do not wish to build your own, this guy is still the expert.

I built mine 2 years ago and use it every day. It's great and I just put in my bathroom and go. I got a big piece of board, three ceramic holders for the bulbs and 3 infrared light bulbs. I put them in a triangle and wired them together with connector wire, one positive, one negative, putting an extension cord on the final bulb.

It's all explained on the website, but actually this lady at Lowe's showed me how to do it and it was really easy. No men at the Home Depot would help me with it--sorry guys, i know you are not all like the but....

This stupid boy at work told me I probably needed to have a boy come out and check it out, but I have had it for 2 years and I have yet to shock myself.

In any case the website is really good. He is an expert in candida. Talks about mercury poisoning and also how some candida is related to copper imbalances sometimes created by taking birth control

This is all I know for now. Sorry it is so long

hope it helps!


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