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The Real Scoop On Ozone Therapy by Dquixote1217 ..... Cancer Forum

Date:   7/12/2010 11:33:04 PM ( 12 years ago ago)
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 The Real Scoop On Ozone Therapy

By Dr. Michael Cutler

( Ozone therapy is the basis of a miraculous type of therapy that’s been used to help fight “incurable” diseases throughout the world. Administered intravenously (I.V.), this method was first used by doctors in France in 1951 who injected up to 10 milliliters (ml) of pure ozone-oxygen into an artery or vein in patients with poor circulation. Today, this therapy is frequently used during battle and against the spread of cancer. In my opinion, I.V. ozone therapy is the simplest, most effective anti-cancer therapy known to man.

Within my group of healthcare professionals, this therapy has more than a 95 percent success rate when used on cancer patients… even stage four cancers. If you haven’t had chemotherapy, ozone therapy will be more effective, and there are no serious side effects. You might have an electrical or metallic taste in your mouth right after infusion and possibly a mild cough.

After every I.V. session, patients are told to…

And the benefits of this amazing therapy are many and varied. In Europe doctors have long used ozone therapy for its bacteria-killing properties. It was even used during World War I to treat infected wounds and mustard gas burns. Studies have shown that for wounds, low concentrations of I.V. ozone can promote healing and skin growth while high concentrations are sufficient to clean out and disinfect them.

Three to 20 minutes of ozone treatment can help…

In European countries ozone therapy has also been used for conditions such as inflammatory bowel problems like ulcerative colitis… acute and chronic disorders like hepatitis… diabetes… hardening of the arteries… high cholesterol… and to enhance bone density for patients with osteoporosis.

But due to the lack of awareness of ozone therapy in the United States, most successful outcomes—and the studies verifying them—have taken place in other countries.

Why is ozone therapy not a part of the American medical mainstream? Under the current system, doctors are required to offer a choice of only three treatments for cancer. These choices are surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. Anything else is not “Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved,” not “scientific” and therefore doesn’t fit in the “standard of care” allowed by the National Cancer Institute (NCI).

Notes:  As reported above, ozone therapy is most effective when someone has not had prior chemo (which is true of virtually all alternative cancer treatments).  Also, note that the above article refers to IV ozone treatment.  Treatments with hyperbaric chambers have also been reported to have very good success.  Treatments with home ozone machines should not be expected to be nearly as successful.


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