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Re: Don't want to live anymore by Sherwin ..... Adrenal Fatigue Forum

Date:   7/13/2010 8:54:02 AM ( 11 years ago ago)
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Dear Akkilk,

I think you are experiencing the 'living hell' of adrenal fatigue.

I have maybe some uplifting for you. I'have had this for almost 8 months nonstop, no progression, only severy heavy fog and living in a dreamlike state with a feeling like you're a dieing from the inside (ALL AF SYMPTOMS!).

This fog-shit have left me forever for about 1.5 years from now. When I had this 'hell' state of AF I wanted to die because I wanted to live anymore. Then I quit everyting: work,social life etc.. I already had shifted my diet and was eating super healthy and had tried al kinds of supplementation (it didn't work). I had ONE mission. Study every day till I've found some kind of solution, or new insights.

The thing that kickstarted me (from > 12 years of AF and 4/5 years SEVERE AF (with 8 months of extreme living hell at the end) in healing was the budwig diet where (I think) the most imported part the omega3 Flaxseed Oil and Cottage Cheese mixture.

Within 2 months I began to feel 'real' again. Then I quitted this diet (I didn't know yet is was AF) and made my own/mixed diet of it. I began to start work part-time and spend much time of RESEARCH.. RESEARCH till I found out that it was for 90% sure that it was Adrenal Fatigue.. everything matched!

Then I began to started the AF regime, and tried different things (also Raw-Food etc, don't do it.. you're body has no energy to digest this cooling-down foods!). Made more and more progress, slow..but statisfying because I had AF longer as a decade and was almost lost.

After this period of half a year I met a (very good) holistic docter, which comes at home. From this point on I started to make more progress.

A year later:
- part-time job 24hrs a week (think begin 2011 > 32 hrs)
- do fitness (this will f*ck me up sometimes)
- can do some socializing/social events (only the weekends if I feel I have enough reserves)

It can be much faster, but I want to live 'a little' so it eases this situation a bit.

I'am healing slowly (because the very long period of AF and the highest/baddest stage of it).

The only symptoms left are some tightness in chest (throat tightness healed 4 months ago and never came back!), palpitations, bloodpressure highs/lows (drops). These things are not as bad as the list of symptoms I had (over 20!) but I can't handle stress (in almost every form) yet.

If this become stable I can see the finish towards INNER HOMEOSTASIS, and be thankfull and councious for my whole life for that.

If Trickxmaster can, I can, and perhaps some others too, you can!

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